Street Fighter IV record attempt - a farce?

Questions have been raised as to the validity of the recent UK world record attempt at consecutive Street Fighter IV wins. Is it a farce or is Zak Bennett's accomplishment well deserved?

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syphenlimit3554d ago

I think the featured site is all right, from what articles I read from there before, but I don't like the way that the author decided to essentially spit all over the announcement, by including their own unfounded, and probably ill-informed suspicions, to rain upon the celebration.
Almost makes me wonder what Mr. Cram's angle is coming into writing the report, for the suspicions he throws upon the challenge, and the player that successfully ran that gauntlet.

I wouldn't have minded it if the reporter had actually been present, and had seen something that looked suspicious, to mark it out that it was just a set up publicity stunt, and THEN in a seperate opinion piece put forward his own feelings on the matter and explained those, but what he did just seems disrespectful, and not something to do.

He writes: "News just in regarding last Friday's UK world record attempt at Street Fighter IV consecutive wins." Where is this 'news' then? It's entirely unsourced conjecture, and the only thing farcical is largely the article itself! The only useful thing offered, is a suggestion that Bennett returns to try his game again, once more players have grown accustomed to Street Fighter IV, which would probably be entertaining to watch, and good could come from that.

Besides which, that author has no idea who was present, challenging at the attempt. They could have flown in some of Japan's finest (since they'd have had access to the game longest), fresh from the arcades for all he knew!

"Either way, we're sure that a number of the more established Street Fighter UK players did not attend the event that day."
As sure as you are of the rest of the things you've typed previously? :(
Finally, what's he talking about that reading frame data, constitutes an "unfair advantage", calling into question the reputability of the attempt? If he used foreign programs, then that's clearly unfair advantage, if there's glitching, the same. The information he flags, is available to anyone and everyone that wants to understand and play the game on that level.

ShadesMoolah3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

You assume I've made wild assumptions, where in FACT I've had reports from people who attended the event and took part in it. So, I'll stick by my remarks.

The angle is you have a guy who 'claims' to be the UK Premier player when in fact none of the other UK players have had a chance to play the game. It released that day. In my book that's entirely unfair.

My sources did not indicate that scores of well-seasoned players had been flown in to the event, and that anyone was allowed to step up to the challenge.

It's like me, getting my family around for the afternoon and me kicking their assess all day playing SFIV and then claiming to be the puppies privates at the game.

My main beef is that unlike Olympic events and such like, there is no vetting procedure for the competitors abilities. Therefore how can this record attempt, and the book that it will appear in be taken seriously?

Please do not sit there and try to undermine my credibility. I did do my research like any self respecting person would do.

syphenlimit3554d ago

Wouldn't it be all the more naive of me to take what you've written as gospel, without once questioning it myself?
Since you'd had reports, why didn't you flesh out the article, and increase its credibility, as a by-product, by including some of the comments, observations and quotes, attributed to their various sources? What we have in the article remains merely your hearsay.

It sounds as if you had some great details that you could have added, and I'm only commenting on what there was to read, since you chose not to include them in your piece, to support your opinion on what took place.

"My main beef is that unlike Olympic events and such like, there is no vetting procedure for the competitors abilities"

The game is new, and no standard is set for the level of play (as perhaps this advent proves) so, just how will it be ensured that a set skilled group of players are ready to go, for any subsequent attempts at the record? How are they to ensure the level playing field on each occasion...You've a point here.

The thing that most got me was that you felt that the press release post was the right place to start entering your own view on the situation. I simply didn't think that was the right thing to have done, as I explained. Further, I've really no interest, never did, in undermining credibility. I think it's good to have multiple points of view available from many news sources doing their thing - I just had reservations about the article, having read it and noticed the gaping holes present in the story, which I mentioned in my previous comment (thanks for the clarifications, though).

ShadesMoolah3554d ago

You're are correct, I should have perhaps offered more depth to the report, but on writing it I didn't feel the need to at the time. It has only been your remarks that have made me aware of the issues, and so in future, I will most certainly bear that in mind.

As far as the press release is concerned (and I hope you can appreciate) that offering a different slant on something that is no doubt mirrored on a number of websites, was key behind posting the news in the manner in which it appeared.

The fact remains, the story still reports that Zak achieved the 108 wins and set the record, which is the essence of the Press release.

The bottom line is, and reading between the lines, you and I both know that the whole exercise has been a PR stunt, and in my view a cheap one at that. This would have been far more credible in 6 months time, or as you suggest, with flown in star players from Japan.

The organizers could have devised some sort of vetting procedure, but chose not to by announcing the event a mere week before it happened. Again supporting my claim and to a degree the tone of the article.

I'm not attacking Zak personally (I've been informed that he is in fact a respected player on the circuit), although he has been a tool used by Capcom as part of their spin on the game.

I hope very much that he is aware of this fact, and like I've mentioned will be keen to step up in the future when the playing field is less one sided.