WorthPlaying Review - Star Ocean: Second Evolution

WP writes: "Second Evolution is a retelling of Star Ocean: The Second Story, which was originally released on the PS1. The story revolves around Claude C. Kenny, a young interstellar naval officer transported to a strange new world during a scouting mission gone awry, and Rena, a teenage girl whose strange magical powers make her unique among all the denizens of her planet. Claude and Rena meet when he is transported near Rena's village and saves her from a monster attack. This being an RPG, she mistakes him for the mythical Hero of Light, who is to save the world from an impending cataclysm. Claude, perhaps being a bit too polite for his own good, agrees to help out as best he can, even though he spends the majority of the game with no real connection to the planet he finds himself on or the plight of its people. Unfortunately, by the time Claude is given a true reason to fight the good fight, many will likely have given up on the plodding, convoluted story and just be cruising on autopilot, skipping over dialogue boxes in favor of getting back to the action."

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