Dante's Inferno - New trailer

Eurogamers has realeased a new trailer to EA action-adventure Dante's Inferno.

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Chris3993374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

I need to see game-play now.

The religious right and Jack Thompson are going to need a diaper change if ever they see this footage.

All in all, it looks promising.

3sq3374d ago

This reminds me of God of War. I'll call it Satan of War.

Dipso3374d ago

This is looking very style is spot on. Given what these guys done with Dead Space I have high hopes for this title. Do I really need two God of War style games? Yep, I think I do.

Nelson M3374d ago

Or was that Dantes Peak

jesuisankit3374d ago

Very very coool... I can smell some very varied lvls in the game..

btw there was a game called The lost - now called Inferno based on the same book.. which was being developed by Irrational games.. which went over to an indian studio Fxlabs.. the game is out in India and it sucks :P