GRAW 2 Deep Impressions

IGN takes one last long look before the game ships to the masses.

"Originally designed for the PC, Ghost Recon was a far more simulation-style game, with precision targeting, one-shot-and-you're-dead situations and a lot of quiet time hiding in the grass. The IGN PC guys used to love this series. Now, in general and because they're PC snobs, they think the series isn't as good. They usually say that kind of thing when a console game switches to the consoles and because they're bitter and jealous. The series didn't get worse; it changed. In part it's become a little easier, but Ghost Recon has become more palettable too. In part it's more reliant on gadgets and tools. It's faster paced, though the the single-player game is still quite tactical. Overall, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 fuses both the console and the PC mentalities into a hefty whole. The result is still an acquired taste, but instead of drinking sketchy home-made brew, you're drinking Guinness."

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