Quake goes Live tomorrow


"The free-to-play browser version of Quake III: Arena, Quake Live, will open to the public from tomorrow, thus taking over our lunch breaks forever."

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Kushan3578d ago

If you played and loved Quake 3, you'll love this. I've been playing the beta for a few weeks and it's great fun.
Still, it IS a 1999 game, so don't expect anything deep, new or revolutionary, just a lot of fun.

Gun_Senshi3578d ago

woohooo i will love this at work and will love more killing console fps "pros"

Perjoss3578d ago

quake 3 is one of the best multiplayer games of all time. Not only is this version of it free but it's runored to have really good match making, personally i hope this really takes off. I would love it if Id also focused on making the next Quake a multiplayer experience just like quake 3 was.

Sircolby453578d ago

This game is truly awesome still today even. The best thing is there are very few computers out there today that can not run this game!

Awookie3578d ago

Will they have modded gametypes? I remember playing freeze tag with railguns being so much fun