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HighDefinition3556d ago

I wish their "secret game" was something else.

IMO, Lost Planet was very average.

Jinxstar3556d ago

I agree. This is a wait and see. however it looks like there may be a ton of Co-op which might be nice...

Deios3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Yea, I also wished their secret game was Marvel vs Capcom 3.

GameGambits3556d ago

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe Lost Planet was a big hit in Japan so much so that they still play it in big numbers.

I know for myself that the Story for the game was a short and uninteresting tale. I did enjoy the mech fights and the final boss was awesome in Lost Planet 1.

The best part of Lost Planet though was the online play. The maps are all so well made in my opinion and the game was essentially Sniper's paradise. Hopefully for Lost Planet 2 they just fine tune the game types and how weapons are placed within maps. The game became a sniper's paradise because every game made was Sniper's only other than a few people who made shotgun or machine gun rifle maps.

They fix that, and just add me more of the same fun and I'll be all over it. :)

sonarus3556d ago

Exactly. No one here "really" wanted a Lost Planet sequel. Quite frankly i would have been happier with a new IP

green3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Speak for yourself sonarus because i enjoyed Lost planet and can't wait for LP2.

Aquanox3556d ago

"Average" depends on the platform you played it on. The port to PS3 didn't take advantage of the power of the console, so the game was pretty bad over there.

On Xbox 360, it didn't achieve Triple A status but was far from average. The scoop and gameplay were awesome and while it had some points to be improved (online primarily) it had tremendous potential. It's the first 3rd person shooter/mech console game that has worked in my opinion.

This is the answer to the critics and considering CAPCOM has a line of quality games I expect big things from this title.

sonarus3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I played it on the 360 and only on the 360 and it lost its shine in my eye about an 1hr into the game. Game looked amazing and i remember there was a significant amount of hype around it and then i played it and got bored quickly.

It was an average game at best. In my opinion highly overrated

ThanatosDMC3556d ago

I hated the online game of the first one. After a round they put you back in the lobby till everybody was ready again.

They should have opted for continues play of the rounds. Also, it's fun to be a mech online even though everybody targets you.

I cant wait for the game. I hope they fix a lot of the online issues. I hate waiting in the lobby. Wait 5 minutes in the lobby then have a match that last 3 minutes then another 5 minutes wait sucks.

HighDefinition3556d ago

I played it on 360, it was one of the last games I played on my 360 before it "croked" for the 2nd time.

IdleLeeSiuLung3556d ago

I freaken loved Lost Planet. Looking for forward to LP2....

1ikedamaster3555d ago

Bad for you.

I on the other hand, rented the game, beat it, played online...purchased it. It was an impressive game at the time I loved everything about it. A very fun game all throughout.

From the looks of Lost Planet 2, it will be good and sell lots on 360/PC.

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yoghurt3556d ago

I thought Lost Planet was below average, lets hope they do something good here, screenshots look cool

onomix3556d ago

Yep, that was all I was going to say.

Ghoul3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

"2.1 - When you are writing a statement, please write a argument also.
Yep, that was all I was going to say. "

please dont get smart on people he allready said what he meant.
haha disagrees ? for what for back up this guy ? check his comments hes only flaming and insulting in the open zone and thinks he can get smart on people in the gamerzone ?

gimme a break


why would you say it was average ?

LeonSKennedy4Life3556d ago

Average = Terrible A.I., repetitive level designs, weak-point damaging system (giant enemy crab, anyone?), lackluster storyline that pretty much nobody cared about...

You catch my drift. The thing is...Capcom has so much talent! I love Devil May Cry. I love Resident Evil. Unfortunately, Clover (Viewtiful Joe, Okami) became Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Mad World). I'm SO EXCITED for Bayonetta! It's the creator of Devil May Cry's new baby. How can it not be good?

blind-reaper3556d ago

for me:
10,9,8 game (must buy)
7 and 6 game (must try) average
5 and under (I dont care)

ThanatosDMC3556d ago

I agree that the AI was terrible. But it was fun while it lasted. Mechs, soldiers, and giant insects... you never see that in games. Oh well, i hope this sequel improves on everything.

Lord Vader3555d ago

Lovin' me some Lost Panties.

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Sevir043556d ago

though i'm kind of weary of this because he did RE5 and that game was essentially a remake of RE4. it looks great so we'll have to see

Maxned3555d ago

These graphics are AMAZING, and all of you are saying it's "better than gears of war 2". It's better than KILLZONE 2.

green3556d ago

Looks great.graphically better than Gears 2 in my opinion and the colour palette makes it even more impressive.Enjoyed the first so looking forward to this as well.Thank God it's not only snow filled environments.

jcfilth3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Yep!! the game looks very good, nice graphics was the first thing I thought.

Giriath3556d ago

It looked really good indeed. I wonder how much of it wasn't real-time though. The only thing I could spot was the character models that looked too good to be true in the beginning and all the way to the co-op part where they suddenly looked real and had responsive animation.

LightofDarkness3556d ago

Quite sweet indeed, looks as good as KZ2 IMO, if not a touch better. And we all thought the 360 was maxed out...

games4fun3556d ago

how did you escape that fantasyland you live in to make that post about lost planet?

king dong3556d ago

i thought the first lost planet game engine was stunning graphically, and yep better than gears.

1ikedamaster3555d ago

Way better than Killzone 2.

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interrergator3556d ago

now thats a beautiful game im seein right now hope its better than the first one