First Captures of Lost Planet 2

Gamersyde: "The secret Capcom game to be announced today on the Xbox Live Marketplace turned out to be the not so secret Lost Planet 2. But still, no one is going to complain! While waiting for the trailer to encode, here is some captures from the video."

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kewlkat0073583d ago

Lost Planet was hard and enjoyable..My biggest gripe was the guy moved way too slow. Some of the levels and the scales of the mech suits, in that game, looked great.

BRACHATTACK3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I thought it was terrible, i hated the bland environments, and the game was far too difficult.

The combat was also very boring...

kewlkat0073583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

is not your cup of tea..


I'll agree with you on that

1ikedamaster3583d ago

I thought the 1st game was very polished and had more than great visuals, gameplay, and multiplayer to warrant a buy. I rented it, beat it, played online and then purchased it.

LP2 looks to be more of the Lost Planet greatness with better visuals and possibly a great follow up story to the first Lost Planet.

I noticed the superb shadow/lighting on the screenshots that really make it look like a movie. A big plus because I had both the xbox version and PC(later) and although LP was quite demanding on PC it really had better shadow/lighting and that made it great.

My 2 cents?

ThanatosDMC3583d ago

I loved the first one but i disagree with it being "polished" since if you actually roam around the map just to massacre akrids. There's a lot of places that you should be able to latch on to, jump on, etc. But you couldnt. Also, the area with the frozen buildings. Lots of texture pop ups.

I forgive it since the game was a TON of fun... i hated the end fight. Also, i guess the main character from the first one is dead by now? I mean, his arm thing broke off so he's not immortal anymore, right? From the ending of the first, i guess this is the land they changed? So it's all forested now after so many years?


Bnet3433582d ago

My biggest gripe was the T-Energy thing draining. It's like your timed on every level, it's stupid and makes Extreme Mode impossible.

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tudors3583d ago

the next big game for me is DeusX3, and if it looks has good as this little gem I will be happy, best graphics on Xbox-360 so far, not starting a flame war but guys seriously can anyone say after seeing this game in motion that the Xbox-360 is maxed out? I am gonna give credit to the Xbox-360 and the PS3, just lately there has been some fantastic stuff, Lost and the Dammed, KZ2, future games like LP2 and uncharted are really pushing the hardware, good stuff.

peeps3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

quite liked playing the multi-player demo for the first, was something a bit different but didn't really sell it enough for me to wanna buy the full game. will keep an eye on this though.

Just had a watch of the trailer. it looks very good, especially to know thats ingame (bet they can take stuff liek the hud, crosshairs etc out for the purpose of the trailer) - i'd even go as far to say as good if not better than gow, mainly because of the different environemts (good to see it's not all snow) - but it looks colourful without being ott colours e.g. halo serious (if that makes sense)

tudors3583d ago

while Crysis may still hold the graphics crown I think pound for pound the consoles have a higher percentage of great looking games, fair enough maybe on this occasion we can say that having games on console and PC ala Xbox-360 kind of cancels out that comment but what I mean is you don't get that many mega looking PC exclusives, consoles rule gaming right now.

1ikedamaster3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

"while Crysis may still hold the graphics crown I think pound for pound the consoles have a higher percentage of great looking games"

I can attest to that...while Bioshock released for 360 I also had the PC version and compared the two. The 360 version was amazingly the exact same on PC except for the higher res on the PC version. I'm sure some PS3 titles are also comparable.

Consoles nowadays are way up to par with their PC counterpart, and others practically the same. There are of course some exceptions.

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