worst street fighter characters

We'll be honest - most of these characters are from the Street Fighter III series. The games introduced a 12-year-old's sketch book worth of extraordinarily absurd bogeymen and we'll never forgive them. Okay, maybe we will, but we're still going to point and laugh.

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GEESE3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Dudley, Hugo and Yun are awesome characters.
Try Ibuki, Necro, wank.

There are allot of pro sfIII guys that main Dudley, this guy knows nothing.
Oh, and Hugo was around YEARS before SFIII, he's in Final Fight. This guy fails at game journalism. BIG FAIL.

Here is a vid of F4ggy Ryu getting his 4ss handed to him by Dudley.

tee_bag2423580d ago

2nd that one mate. It's obvious this guy is a penis. He could have atleast researched if he hadn't played the game.

For he knows not what he is talking about.

skip2mylou3579d ago

are u guys saying that to me or the dude who made this list of the worst chars? cause after SF2 i tried to find all of the older SF's and i have been trying to master their moves specially Dudley and Twelve cause i liked them the best

Swiftfox3580d ago

I loved the cast of SFIII. It was filled with unique and memorable characters. Why are there no characters from the EX series on that list?

PirateThom3579d ago

Blanka and T. Hawk are my least favourites.