Play StarCraft II in Hanover in March

If you happen to be in Hanover around 3rd to 8th of March this year, you can have a sneak preview of StarCraft 2 at CeBIT! You can read the whole press release.

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thetamer3287d ago

I won't, but I might just be there.

Maticus3287d ago

I wonder if the beta will be announced there?

Leord3287d ago

Hm, that is a very interesting thought. They might just do that. They do like to make their own events, but it's the kind of event with the good timing to be placed there. It's ofc useful for them as well in that they will steal some thunder from other exhibitors at CeBit...

Terrice3287d ago

At least we now know the beta won't come before this date :\

Cogo3287d ago

That isn't a given though... Just because it's PLAYABLE does not mean they wouldn't start beta before. Havign said that, they will likely not start beta with only one week advance notice, so most likely there won't be a closed beta when CeBit starts...

Leord3287d ago

This is so unfair, I wish I could be there to soak up all the SC2 goodness...

Fyzzu3287d ago

Would that I were in Hanover...

Leord3287d ago

Yeah, my sentiment exactly. Living in the UK makes it a BIT to long to drive just for SC2...

Cogo3287d ago

I'm travelling around there in the END of the event, so gonna miss it as well =(

JonahNL3287d ago

It's too far away for me. =/ Too bad, would love to get my hands on it!
I reckon the beta will be available by then, perhaps a public one after CeBIT?

Leord3287d ago

Where do you live then? If it's on mainland Europe, it can't be too far for a few rounds of SC2? ;)

Cogo3287d ago

They won't do a public beta.

JonahNL3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

@ Leord
I live in Holland and even though it's next door in Germany, I don't have the transportation. I could at least convince some friends and try to arrange something! =P

@ Cogo
How do you know? =)

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