Infamous Set to Prove Fanboys Right?

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "The Playstation 3 exclusive entitled Infamous is set to electrify gamers later on this year, but this newcomer to the open world scene has a lot of pressure resting on its shoulders. Playstation 3 owners seem rather confident that their console is able to produce better visuals than the competition, so it only makes sense that Infamous should set the bar for open world games in terms of graphics."

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MURKERR3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

firstly kz2 has already proven the raw techincal grunt of the ps3, from a neutral point of view its the best looking console game ever made and thats only within 2 years of the ps3s lifecycle, gaming sites are already declaring that kz2 has already been surpassed by gow3 and uncharted 2 so i dont need infamous to judge what console is more powerful.

by its reckoning and logic i should say... 'haze' is a exclusive ps3 fps and as it doesnt look better than any 360 fps's that must mean the ps3 isnt more powerful? this article is deeply flawed

MrWeymes3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

No, but exclusives clearly make a statement about a consoles graphical capabilities.

I pointed out that in addition to console power, a game needs a solid developer to look great. The developers of Haze clearly didn't utilize the Playstation 3 to its fullest.

Also, if Infamous looks much better than Grand Theft Auto IV then Playstation 3 fans were possibly correct in assuming that Grand Theft Auto IV's release on the Xbox 360 affected what could have been a better looking Playstation 3 exclusive.

Chris3993529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )




Grand Theft Auto 4 (360 version):

Prototype (360 version):

Infamous is clearly the best looking game of the bunch - especially as far as textures, character models and resolution goes. The story also seems to be superior. A hero/ anit-hero tale? Or ANOTHER scientific experiment gone wrong (Prototype)?

It's evident at this point that PS3 exclusives have greater graphic fidelity than most 360 games.

Kind of a pointless article.

P.S. I will concede to one point that the author dances around: exclusives on any system generally (though not always) look better than multiplats. Honestly, after Prince of Persia - totally canned animations, repeated backgrounds/ textures/ enemies/ gameplay - I won't buy any more multiplats this gen. If I'm paying $70 for a piece of software, it had better be damn well fully tailored to whatever box I'm playing it on.

That said, the PS3 looks to have more exclusives this year that suit my tastes. Haven't purchased a new 360 game since GeoW2; stopped playing that as the mutli-player was broken (fixed now, but with all the great releases, who cares). Hopefully, some more exclusives (actual ones, not timed exclusives or PC ports) are announced soon, or it's going to be a very bleak year for my 360.

nix3529d ago

literally, that is. my head is spinning because i can't make up my mind about which game will truely take it forward from a point where KZ2 has taken it.

GOW3 is certainly up there.... U2 will be also take it forward... now Infamous! Heavy Rain hasn't even come into the picture yet.

well... one thing is for sure... PS3 fanboys are going to have a last laugh this gen.

anyway, i own a PS3 so all i'll say is - LET THE FIGHT BEGIN! q:

rob60213529d ago

Haze was first developed as multiplatform later made a PS3 exclusive to capitalize on hype, cause Ubisoft knew it wasn't very good, and an average game multiplatform would simply be forgotten and never bought.

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King_many_layers3529d ago

why do you have to say "fangirls" are you trying to imply that all sony fans are female ??

is it meant to be used as a negative term ?? I personally take it as an attempt to insult a group of people. (presumably male)

Does this mean that you hate females ?? I'm confused, maybe you are a female that has feelings towards women, but feels it's deemed wrong so you take it out on women.

I personlly believe that the game is graphically better looking than any 3rd person open world game on consoles so far ad I believe that prototype looks underwhelming on all fronts.

(prototype remark is based on my opinion)

marinelife93529d ago

Infamous looks better than GTAIV, Crackdown, and Prototype.

But it also needs to take advantage of Blu-Ray by having more diversity in buildings and NPC's and by having a larger world that is more interactive.

DaTruth3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I was expecting Infamous to be the best looking open-world title; But I was blown away by that first click. It made me lol hard at the rest. Even GTA4, which I considered to be decent(but still thought it would have been better exclusive PS3), looked kind of ridiculous in comparison. And I've seen all the Infamous vids.

Now back to your screenshots.

Mexico6193528d ago

@ Chris399
GTA4 looks better then all those games infamous looks like crap conpard to GTA4, just because GTA4 is mutil and infamous is PS3 exculsive. and don't call me a fanboy because i have a PS3 and 360 and i can't wait to be blow away by Killzone 2 this week

MrWeymes3528d ago

You probably got the special edition of Grand Theft Auto IV. The one I played was a fine looking game, but nothing overly impressive.

N4Garbage3528d ago

This guy posted some cheesy ass looking screenshots of inFamous and tried to say they look better than GTAIV lol.

Man did you even look at those screenshots??

That crap looked Ps2.

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Graphics Whore3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Graphics in open world games have been horrendous so far. GTA 4 looked okay on a CRT TV but playing it on a HDTV it looked straight up garbage it was an absolute eye sore, Saints Row didn't prove to be any better, prototypes graphics are slightly better than GTA4.

How big is Infamous though? If it's half the size of GTA4 than that's an achievement I suppose.


@ Foxgod

Yes because the jaggy no anti-aliasing and the blockyness really stood out for you.

The PS3 version is confirmed to have less pop-in by the way, so don't get all fanboy.

Foxgod3529d ago

I disagree, ofcourse i cant say much about the ps3 version, but i enjoyed the look of GTA4.

MrWeymes3529d ago

Grand Theft Auto IV was disappointing to me both in the visual department and gameplay department. I enjoyed the storyline, though. It was a solid game, but severly overhyped.

DelbertGrady3529d ago

Crackdown had a different artstyle but I think it looked great. Was more fun than GTA IV as well =)

GamerPS3603529d ago

far cry looked good to me :D

Bucky Sligo3529d ago

"The PS3 version is confirmed to have less pop-in by the way, so don't get all fanboy"
It's also confirmed to be running at a lower resolution which may explain your opinion. Also, how's that Left4Dead port coming along on the PS3?

Graphics Whore3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Oh another multiple account user huh? I don't know Ask Valve, I'm playing it on PC.

Hah, that's funny that you mention the lower resolution when every single reviewer said it looked better than the 360 counter-part, not to get nit-picky.

Bucky Sligo3529d ago

It's funny how you say every single reviewer when it's actualy not every single reviewer.
Do a search in google and aducate yourself.

solsub3529d ago

You shouldn't use the word "aducate" when questioning someone's intelligence. Just a word to the wise.

I agree with Graphics Whore. GTA4 was disappointing in the visuals department, regardless if it was on the PS3 or 360.

DaTruth3528d ago

Give the kid a break; If you only owned a 360, you would think GTA4 had good graphics too.

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pwnsause3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

if Getaway 3 was still in production, it would of had set the standard for graphics in open world gameplay. dont know about the gameplay though.

MrWeymes3529d ago

The Getaway was certainly a looker in the Playstation 2 days, but the gameplay was rather painful. I had anticipated it so much back then, too.

Foxgod3529d ago

This game will be run over by Mafia 2 and LA Noire.
Both multi and both open world.

cmrbe3529d ago

having to rely on multiplats for ammunition. I can't blame you though. X360 1st parties really suck ass.

Foxgod3529d ago

I never mentioned that, its just i know nothing yet about Crackdown 2, but i am sure Crackdown 2 will run over this game as well.
However i got no backup yet for that.

Consoldtobots3529d ago

rigggght, because the first crackdown didn't have a cartoon render style? You certainly are one of the biggest assclowns on this site.
Speak from facts not from bias.

Foxgod3529d ago

Since when is a cartoon render inferior ?
Prince of persia got several rewards for its graphics, also cartoon rendered.

Consoldtobots3529d ago

oh don't get me wrong, I like cell shaded games. To come out and say that they will graphically run over more traditionally rendered games that are going for realism is just silly.

MrWeymes3529d ago

I enjoy cell shading very much. Rogue Galaxy is an excellent RPG for the Playstation 2 and who could forget The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?

It's my favorite Zelda game.

SAiOSiN3529d ago

LA Noire hasn't been confirmed multi plat. It might, but it hasn't been confirmed. so keep your mouth shut and get your facts straight.


and other games we havn't seen shlt on yet.

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cmrbe3529d ago

much graphically from Infamous. If it can get close to Uncharted visuals then i would be more than happy.

What i more interested in Infamous is the story and especially the gameplay which from what i have seen sofar is better than uncharted imo.

MrWeymes3529d ago

If it looks as good as Uncharted, then it will be more than impressive for an open world game.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a great looking game in it's genre.

Awookie3529d ago

The cutscenes I've seen so far just draw me in and make me want to see MORE, I really love the comic book style and its done so well

MrWeymes3529d ago

I haven't been too excited for Infamous, but after watching a lot of video footage while writing this article, I've become much more interested.

I'm not a big fan of open world games, but I prefer ones like the Hulk, Crackdown and the Spider-Man games. I haven't been too enamoured with the Grand Theft Auto series since the third installment.

Prototype looks great as well. I'm interested in how both games will turn out.

callahan093529d ago

Well, the open world of infamous is said to be about 120 times bigger than the entirety of the last Sly Cooper game. In other words: HUUUUUUGE. I'm very impressed with the visuals, and the platforming looks topnotch with so many places to explore, climb, etc.

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