Area5: CO-OP, episode 0003 - F.E.A.R.2 and Flower

Watch it here, or head on over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe! We suggest that you play Flower before watching. It'll only take you around two hours and we felt we needed to open the whole game up to discussion!

Anthony Gallegos of RebelFM/Eat. Sleep. Game. fame swings on by to lend his awesome, 'fro-covered brain to our F.E.A.R.2 discussion. JayFresh and Rob aren't intimidated by said 'fro, however, and join in for the sit-down on why the sequel is better than the original.

Unsurprisingly, thatgamecompany delivers on their promise with Flower. This segment brings back former EGM staffer Giancarlo Varanini along with another RebelFM/Eat. Sleep. Game. member in the form of Nick Suttner-who may be showing up on CO-OP for the last time-join Ryan and I to talk about our deeply satisfying experience in a wholly unique experience in the gaming-verse.
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