Top 5: Websites Xbox 360 Owners Should Visit

MisterRandom writes: "The second of my Top 5 posts is a little different to what will be normal as instead of looking at a particular category of games, I am instead examining what Xbox specific websites, console owners will find the most useful:"

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whitesky3501d ago

Site #1:

JasonPC360PS3Wii3501d ago


whitesky3501d ago

Cuz I have two xbox friends who are not renewing their Live subscriptions/selling their 360's cuz as of 08 and this year it's completely the opposite of what you said, everyone's jumping onboard PS3 cuz that's where the games are at now, sorry

Socomer 19793501d ago

its not safe for xbums anywhere, lol !

how does it feel to be playing with a kiddie controller that looks like a marshmellow with candy buttons?

go ahead look at your xbox360 for 1 second... its ugly isnt it?
all plastic like a toy. try turning it on... ILLLLLLLLLL ! thats nasty! look its jason 360's avatar, what a homo.

kelvin223501d ago how to fix all games that you lost to the xbox terrible disc tray . Wait u can't fix it lol!