Third parties dominate WiiWare best-sellers

GI.Biz writes: "Nintendo has revealed that third-party publishers and developers are taking full advantage of WiiWare, with only two of the top twenty games on the digital distribution service from Nintendo itself.

Speaking during the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, senior director of product development Tom Prata also said that Nintendo would increase its marketing support for the service this year, to educate consumers to the possibilities of the platform."

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Product3585d ago

I think thats good,with games such as World of Goo,Megaman 9,Tetris Party and the the Art Style series doing really well its good to see. Indie devs being able to put either creative,popular and both into a small package thats cheap and fun.I think something like this should have happened earlier in the video game industry.Gamers and devs both win although i do feel Wiiware needs more ads.