PlayStation LifeStyle - Killzone 2 Review

What follows is as much a thank you letter to Guerrilla Games as it is a review.

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Timberland2K93344d ago

MTV 2 I seen it omg i love it even though i already downloaded it to my ps3

Mikerra173343d ago

ive still seen no commecials

my channels that I watch
Comedy Central
Discovery channel
I watch lost also

Rianor3344d ago

Thankfully it looks like from the demo and now from this review that Killzone 2 will definately live up to the hype!

nix3344d ago

you surely nitpicked there... but that was a good nitpicking. q:

GamerPS3603344d ago

Thank you GG !!
My type of shooter with high rating. Just 4 more days :D

xg-ei8ht3344d ago

I think they liked it./

Recumbent Tan3344d ago

It seems so.

But man, those KZ2 characters are so pasty...they need to hang with me, Tan Stewie and get a nice tan.

With me.

Tan Stewie.

Drink TAB

Oztheboss3343d ago

Hey Tan Stewie, how do you get your tan so even?

Is there some kind of trick?

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The story is too old to be commented.