The Wiire Interview with WiiWare Developer Tim Laning

The Wiire writes: "The Wiire talks with game developer Tim Laning about the next WiiWare addiction, Diatomic. When you first look at Diatomic, you notice the similar "bright neon" look that is reminiscent of Geometry Wars and Evasive Space. But under the surface, this new WiiWare game brings back memories of another simple, addicting shooter, Ikaruga.

When talking with Tim Laning, Co-Owner of Holland-based independent game developer Grendel Games, a few important facts about this fascinating game surface. Laning insisted that the game forces players to constantly make choices between offensive and defensive play. This "hectic arcade action title" places players in control of a diatomic (defined as a molecule that consists of two atoms) creature with a tail that can be used as a whip (offense) or curled around itself as a shield (defense)."

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indiemike3585d ago

I love Ikaruga, so any WiiWare game that emphasizes offensive vs. defensive play sounds great to me. And the controls are intriguing, aren't they?

Hopefully the motion control doesn't ruin it.