Street Fighter IV tops two million worldwide

Capcom's revival of the Street Fighter franchise appears to be having success on a worldwide scale. The company announced today that Street Fighter IV has crossed the two million mark in worldwide shipments.

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MURKERR3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

will ever top streetfighter 2,it really brought a community feeling to the arcades, i dread to think how much money i put in that arcade cabinet :)

BGDad3579d ago

This one is so much better in every way. Old school is fun and all but nothing tops this one.

boodybandit3578d ago

because that is where it all started for me with Street Fighter but SFIV is my favorite version ever. The game is simply amazing.

I ended up getting it for both consoles so I did my part with sales ;)

Lifendz3578d ago

but you realize a lot of that is due to nostalgia for your youth. SF2 was an amazing experience at the time, but part 4 is better in almost every way. In fact, anytime I hear people wax poetic about games like Alterd Beasts, Mutant league football, Tecmo Bowl, etc I always tell them that it's more to do with your youth than the games.

1ikedamaster3578d ago

Disagreeable? I disagree, StreetFighter IV will again set the bar like StreetFighter II did, except higher.

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Gobuz3579d ago

Looks like the PS3 version is outselling the 360 version by at least 2:1.

We'll done to the PS3 platform.

odisho683579d ago

yes the PS3 where fighters truly bring us marvel vs. capcom or power stone and I'll never ask for anythign else from you capcom

Lord Xire3579d ago

Nice conclusion you got there by counting Japanese sales.

A region where the Ps3 outnumbers the 360 by 3.3X over.

Gobuz3579d ago

We'll see my friend we'll see... Just wait and watch...

lelo3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

"Looks like the PS3 version is outselling the 360 version by at least 2:1"

In Japan... and those are not good numbers for the PS3, since the PS3 has 3 times the install base of the X360 in Japan and only sells the double of SF4!!!

cmrbe3579d ago

Most PS3 multiplats get outsold by the x360 version in NA by less than 3:2 in NA even though the x360 is more than 2:1 installbase to the PS3 in NA. Yet when PS3 fans use this fact most x360 fans say they are just excuses.

So should PS3 fans really listen to your excuses now?.

Funny how things change.

heyheyhey3578d ago


well put man, any time a PS3 fan tells the truth- 360 fans put fingers in their ears and scream "SPIN AND EXCUSES!!!!!"

i presume SF4 is selling better on PS3 because playing it with the 360 controlller is worthless.. and not everyone wants to shell out for the arcade sticks

KarIostomy3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

No, crmbe

that is just plain untruth there.

In NA the 360 sells more multiplats than the ps3.

You are spreading FUD again. Please show links to verify your assertions.

In the meantime, we will rest assured that worldwide, the 360 multiplats are just better overall and, worldwide, the 360 multiplats sell better than the ps3 counterparts.

Those are just the facts, friend.
Even if you don't like 'em. :)

as for sf4 in japan.... DUH!

of course the ps3 version sells more in japan!
The ps3 has 3:1 installed there. ... Which makes the 2:1 sf4 sales ratio seem very poor, indeed!

ceedubya93578d ago

There are those fightpads out in the wild (I got one myself), and some other 3rd party controllers that some may have purchased just for a more useable d-pad.

Of course, there are those that prefer those arcade sticks for fighters regardless of which console they play on.

You'd be surprised at how many people there are that believe their 360 controller is just fine for themselves, no matter how bad we think the Dpad is, and would rather deal with it than spend money on another console.

1ikedamaster3578d ago

Redardless, SF4 360 version charted at number 5. Goes to show you how 360 ain't dead in Japan yet.

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BananaSlug3579d ago

o nm... just shipments...

Farsendor13579d ago

even though its just shipped no problem adding japan sales data to this they are part of the world. what does it matter what sales more there they are still apart of the world.

so japan and every other country counts also

Foxgod3579d ago

Hopefully Capcom will now give us a Street fighter every 2/3 years instead of once every 10 years.
I wanna see a new street fighter alpha as well in the style of street fighter IV

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