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gameplayer writes:
"They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that's the case, then Gears of War 2, The Club and The Bourne Conspiracy should all be feeling pretty damn good about themselves right about now, with this next-gen foray of G-Unit and its leader Fiddy Cent.

Borrowing heavily from the Gears control system, incorporating some quick kill bonuses similar to The Club and adding a simple, yet brutal hand-to-hand combat element ala takedowns from The Bourne Conspiracy, it seems that Blood on the Sand has all its bases covered. Will it be "bullet-proof" like Fiddy, or mowed down in a drive-by like 2pac and Biggie?"

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PS3istheshit3579d ago

but ya i thought this game WASNT gonna suck
but i know im not buying it
maybe ill rent it with a friend cuz it has co-op (gangsta)
i just got dark sector and its so fun
its really underrated cuz its so fun offline and online
50 cent is really funny in the trailer " I want my shell back! "
i started laughing so hard wen he said that
i think this game shouldve been better bcuz of all the money he has
he bought a 3 million dollar watch and he shouldve put a lot of money into this game cuz with all the money he has this could be better than Killzone 2
but i dont think anything is gona be better than Killzone 2