Accelerated Gaming 2/22/09: Where Is The Hype For M.A.G?

-Introduction To Accelerated Gaming
-February Gaming Madness
-Contest: $20 PSN Card Giveaway
-Sony Announces: God of War 3, M.A.G, and Heavy Rain Will Release This Year
-Question From The Audience

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Baba19063216d ago

where is the hype? where is the game?

PoSTedUP3216d ago

i really hope it comes out this year

ShinMaster3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

...that they really don't know much about at all?

We just need more info to get hyped about it :)

PoSTedUP3216d ago

yea but i from what we know, their isnt an ounce of hype behind it. i dont know why...

Rock Bottom3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Ever heard of Alan Wake?

It's a shame that I my self is hyped for Alan Wake without knowing anything about it...

Then again, it's mostly 'cause I loved Max Pain so much.

PoSTedUP3216d ago

its just that: 256 players in a game, is a exclusive console MMO, is being developed by Zipper interactive, it had a great introduction along with a great trailer. man their should be more hype for it, it seems like everyone forgot about it in the midst of KZ2 and GOW3. i think the game should have a little more hype : / imo.

Gamer60563216d ago

IMO it won't release until next year so its too early to hype the game

TheHater3216d ago

MAG is coming out this year. Sony confirmed it.

shawnsl653216d ago

not enough info to hype the game. That's about it i believe.

PoSTedUP3216d ago

yes but no1 even talks about it, i think with the details that we have it should be a little more anticipated...