Gootecks, Mike Ross & HipHopGamer Join the Broke Gamers for Vice Weekly 23 - Warriors Paradise

"The Broke Gamers never disappoint when it comes to promises - and this weeks show is no different. Not only do we have a medley of special guests (Gootecks, Mike Ross, HipHopGamer) on to talk about Street Fighter 4, but also cover topics such as a rumored fighting classic set to appear on home consoles, the hype of Killzone 2 and also lay out challenges to any gaming site out there who can man up to face us in Street Fighter. This weeks show is no slouch folks, so prepare to sit back and enjoy an incredible ride."

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KobeBryant3557d ago

This show was bananas guys! Gootecks and Mike Ross? Plus you had HHG back on?! What? Excellent, excellent show guys, anybody sleepin' on this show is obviously a Raptors fan.

8 Bit3557d ago

Great Show this week guys....the lineup of guests was stacked. Definitely worth a listen.

Havocmak3r3557d ago

Amazing episode guys. Really helped me on street fighter 4!

GaryofGamingVice3556d ago

Thanks for the kind words guys. Glad to see it was informative. I hope we can top this one next week. haha