Just over half of Xbox Live subscribers pay to play

Seattle P-I: "Just more than half of Xbox 360 owners who use the video game console's online service pay to play games online, according to an internal Microsoft document reviewed by the Seattle P-I."

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drewdrakes3556d ago

Well it's worth it to pay. The next best thing is Steam.

na2ru13556d ago

that 360's online install base isn't necessarily higher than PSN.

kewlkat0073556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Actually Sony should be shooting for at least 80% of it's user-base gaming online on opposed to paying customers on the Xbox 360.

XBL is well established and unified unlike PSN.

If the subscriptions keep growing then, Live is just that good. I can't recall where it lost a big percentage of subscribers, on a yearly basis.

PirateThom3556d ago

Of course they've never lost subscribers. Microsoft counts Silver accounts as subscribers as well.

If they console keeps selling, then of course, theoretically, the number of subscribers will rise.

Subscribers does not equal Gold accounts.

outlawlife3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

but a subscriber also does no equal every person who owns a 360, you still have to sign up

so that makes what something like 8-9 million pay? that is not far off from the amount of wow subscribers which pay about 3 times as much per month for 1 game as opposed to hundreds

i've been a member of live since the beginning and the price never bothered me and the amount of fun and the amount of friends i've made easily outweighs that $30-$50 a year


LOL, live is like paying for air for your tires. you get the same product elsewhere for FREE.

Sayai jin3555d ago

@EXCLUSIVEGAMER -Keep telling yourself that.

Montrealien3555d ago


yeah, lets just say I know what I am paying for when I have a painless update done in 50 seconds on my 360. I was reminded of the free service I get with the PSN when I put in GT5 Prologue this morning just to be stuck on a 15 minute update. Not to say I don`t like PSN, I love it actually, but I do see a value in Live, no matter what people claim.

king dong3555d ago

sony and nintendo must look at that revenue with envious eyes! it's a great service no doubt, and i've been paying since 04.

na2ru1: outlawlife is correct, no cares what you say. with all the anti-360 articles that are on n4g daily, and all the hard work that gets put in on n4g by the loyal sony followers, it's still not deterring people from buying a 360, or subscribing to live. 11/10 for the effort though must be proud!


I wish they make it free the becuse competetion is free right a free Xbox Live would boost more 360s. They could let companies advertise product on live like in HOME. It would make it easier to find gamers to play with in more games :)

JokesOnYou3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I don't get it, its not my cup of tea but I know a few buds who never left their house for a week playing that shiii...stupid if you ask me but if you told them to give it up and spend a fraction of that to play a hundred 360 games on Live or on psn for free you might end up in a fight. Ya see some don't mind paying a "small" fee if THEY feel the product or service has value over other services. I mean think about it 10 million people pay $15 a month or $180 a year just for the pleasure of playing 1 game online. Yet $4.16 a month or $50 a year for lets just say an avg 15 games played per year and Live subscribers are described by sony loyalists as crazy. Well I say I have both but if the Gaming Gods cursed me and I had to choose one I happily pay for Live 3x's over.....maybe its the community and relationships I've built but I enjoy gaming on Live much more than psn, actually I have to admit I rarely even play anything on psn, simply because I'm already almost forced to choose since I have limited time with my work schedule so when I do game, its usually just to play a few bouts with friends, which is almost entirely on Live....otherwise I'm at work checking out n4g between customers like right now....ha ha dammm, at least I have a great job.

Make no mistake I'd take a free Live anyday the only way thats going to happen is if Gamers feel theres is a BETTER alternative, with a deep community and that takes time, especially when micro keeps adding to their the ball is in sony's court and please don't make me laugh by mentioning HOME, lmfao the "HOME-hype" was tremendous a year ago but so far imo its one of the biggest "overpromising underdelivering" situations from sony this gen; note I said SO FAR, that could change if they bring some serious game related content.


MNicholas3555d ago

Independent tests have show that Live is the slowest of all the online services. It also has far more problems with lag on multiplayer games than PSN.

And it costs $50 a year more than the competition.

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lord_of_balrogs3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

8.5 million gold customers is pretty good. The way I see it is that the money I pay to Live goes to fund projects such as securing 3rd party exclusives, getting exclusive DLC, and funding first party games, and funding the best console online service.

The more profit the 360 makes the more they can invest in giving their user base a better experience. If paying for XBL helped MS fund new games then I'm happy. I didn't buy GTA4 but MS probably used that money to secure the exclusive dlc for their xbl users which is great. And I'm happy for the users who get to play that dlc. Furthermore, the money from XBL is used to create a great infrastructure and a great service. We have tons of options on xbl from xbox originals, community games, xbla games, cross game invites and chat, etc. All these options come from the measly $50 I pay a year.

TOSgamer3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Its 55% to 60%. So its around 9.35 million to 10.2 million. Even so I'd expect PSN to pass them up soon for biggest online gameplay community. Sony said they had 17 million PSN accounts that had signed up via PS3, PSP and PC. I'm sure a majority of that is with a PS3 though.

So wait, you have no problem with MS taking your money to bribe 3rd party companies to keep content from other gamers who do not own a 360? That's kind of twisted in a way no? Actually, you must be brainwashed to think its acceptable to pay a company to fund their first party games and then pay again to buy the game that you helped fund. Microsoft is a for-profit company, you act as if its a church or charity.

na2ru13556d ago

Thats the difference between that and PSN's.
And [playing] is the BIGGEST feature online gaming can offer.

I'm really surprised nothing valuable is offered for free such as full arcade games. It fustrates me how MS are so hungry for every content including pics.

I dont care if its £40 or £20 a year. NO 1 other than MS has charged for you to be able to simply have a bout against others online. It maybe £0.0343248897923847 a day only, but consider this. A day equals couple to few hours only. And a week equals to few days only. That basically makes the rest of your days, donation days for a big corporate money loaded association.

Sorry 360 fans.

No Way3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

"Sorry 360 fans" For what? The only ones complaining are you.. and PS3 fanboys.
It's like you guys are constantly trying to 'recruit' people to buy a PS3, and quit playing the x360 and Live.. And, to try and prevent any potential buyers from buying a x360..

It's pretty sad. Bro, no one cares what you have to say.. It's not like you're going to change my opinion bout Live, or PSn, and get me to stop paying for Live..

But, eh, thas your life.. So, I guess, keep doing what you do..

outlawlife3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

sony still hasnt said if they are counting multiple accounts yet, which i suspect they are because they cant differentiate between unique users and multiple accounts via a single ps3

i suspect the number of unique users on psn is a fair bit lower than sonys numbers imply

RememberThe3573556d ago

@No Way: "It's pretty sad. Bro, no one cares what you have to say.. It's not like you're going to change my opinion bout Live, or PSn, and get me to stop paying for Live.." Funny how you open your fat mouth to tell him to shut his. No one care what you have to say either.

@outlawlife: "i suspect the number of unique users on psn is a fair bit lower than sonys numbers imply". Like 9-10 million? : )

outlawlife3556d ago

im not slighting sony, im just curious of the actual numbers

rob60213555d ago

"The more profit the 360 makes the more they can invest in giving their user base a better experience. If paying for XBL helped MS fund new games then I'm happy."

Just because they can doesn't mean they will. Microsoft is free to do as they please with Your money, and shutting down studios left and right doesn't appear to be in the mindset of making new exclusive games.

This is in the same mindset of the republican party and George W. Bush. We already tried giving more of our money to the rich hoping they would invest and it would trickle down to the poor, guess what - it didn't happen; look at our economy now.

Mu5afir3555d ago

Is that why Microsoft decided to charge for DLC that developer wanted to give out for free?

gta28003555d ago

"It's pretty sad. Bro, no one cares what you have to say.."

It seems to me like you do. Since you took the time to read his post and also took the time to reply to it lol.

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Chaoticsoulx3556d ago

Glad they could sucker in so many people to pay, man even i would if all i owned was a 360, but i'd still be mad i was paying for something that should be free, and i'd only pay 30 tops.

lord_of_balrogs3556d ago

Steam garbage? And what's better? You must still be bitter that Valve doesn't like the PS3.

TheBand1t3556d ago

Steam trumps both XBL and PSN by a good margin.

RememberThe3573556d ago

And how did MS "sucker" anyone into paying for Xbox LIVE? People know what they're paying for, and it's a damn good service.

Marquis_de_Sade3555d ago

Haha, Steam is far superior to both PSN and Live.

1ikedamaster3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

"And how did MS "sucker" anyone into paying for Xbox LIVE? People know what they're paying for, and it's a damn good service."

Paying for xbox live is what got us what we had since the original xbox what PS3 users are just now getting(in-game custom soundtrack, etc.)

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Half-Mafia3556d ago

my gold membership ran out on the 11th and im not paying for it again until there is something to play online, until then ill play the PS3 versions online.

Rob0g0rilla3556d ago

I have been doing this for quite some time now.

Johnny Rotten3556d ago

I've been debating whether or not I should pick up another gold LIVE subscription or not but it always comes back to "why would I when I can play for free?". If down the road Sony decides to charge then I guess that's the day I'll sit down and weigh out the differences between the two.

rob60213555d ago

Doing the EXACT same thing lol. I actually was getting kind of pissed because MS was trying auto-renew my account with my cancelled credit card then try to force me to pay. Luckily they backed down after like 10 emails telling me i needed to update my credit info.

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Mad_Rhetoric3556d ago

like me, some poeple pay for a month and then stop and play for another month when theirs a good MP game released, so their are actually more member that pay to play

na2ru13556d ago


crck3556d ago

Actually the article implies that they take a snapshot of paid users every month or so and track it through the years that way. So I think the month that you paid you would be included and the month that you didn't wouldn't. It's % of paying members not just yearly memberships.

PirateThom3556d ago

There's probably not that much give anyway. For everyone who renews for a month, there's going to be someone else who lets their sub expire. The overall percentage probably doesn't change too much.