PSI Insider: Syphon Filter Retrospective: A Look Back Ten Years Later

From PSI:

"This month Syphon Filter, a minor classic and cult favorite with action nuts (myself included) turns ten. For me, that's hard to believe. Ten years ago, in February 1999, I was twelve and in the middle of sixth grade at the time. I didn't even own a Playstation yet. I do remember, with great fondness, playing the original Syphon Filter demo at my local Target and enjoying the game a great deal. There were many reasons not to like it."

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OhReginald3553d ago

"The two PS-X follow-ups were good; 2 had near-brutal difficulty at times and 3 was a tad too easy, but still fun. Omega Strain was bleh. Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow were a nice return to form with strong plots and a stronger focus on characters."

their whole retrospective....