Jumpgate Evolution pits hundreds of spaceships in MMO space battles

Have you wanted to play in massive space combat battles like in Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars or Star Trek? Jumpgate Evolution is an upcoming space combat MMO game that will fulfill your fantasies of huge space battles.

The game is in development by NetDevil and will be published by Codemasters. Scott Brown, NetDevil's president, did a little demo for us which took place at the New York Comic Con. He highlights some of the unique things you'll find in Jumpgate Evolution. See the video, along with the trailer for the game.

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ThanatosDMC3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

For a spaceship game... i dont see a lot of fireworks to defend that capital ship or frigate ship. I'm not impressed. The gamecube starwars game had a lot more lasers flying about on screen.

Imagine Warhawk 2 with capital ships, lots of dropships, tons of warhawks.... 64+ players... i would be so happy. I wouldnt care if it was online only.

FarEastOrient3554d ago

I would agree, think of Homeworld with the point defense systems mod and turn that into an MMO, now that would be nice. EVE Online needs some competition and bringing more games into the fold would make gamers like me happier. Now we just have to wait for Jumpgate Evolution, Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic to come out.

ThanatosDMC3554d ago

Yup, exactly! There's a huge lack of guns for capital ships.