VGC Review: Reel Deal Card Games '09

VGC writes: "Card games are great when you just want to kill some time but in a genre notorious for buggy shovelware it can be hard to find a game worth the price of entry. Is Reel Deal Card Games '09 worth the $20 price tag or is it just more shovelware?

Let's approach this review honestly, and by that I mean most of you have probably never heard of the Reel Deal Card Games series, and probably aren't looking forward to it like you might the next Madden or FIFA game. So first let me answer the basic question -- what is Reel Deal Card Games '09? Put simply, it's pretty much what you would expect, that is to say, a massive collection of card games of a wide variety ranging from multiplayer staples like Hearts, Spades, Cribbage, a rather impressive list of Solitaire games, and of course, Poker. In addition to the games themselves there is a tiered prize system along with "VIP Points" and "Diamond Points" to keep players playing towards their next major goal or prize by spending them on prizes and in the mall."

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