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Imagine running out of ammo while being chased by three enemies. One shoots at you from a tank, causing explosions all around you. Another in a jeep fires a machine gun at you causing the dirt to shoot up all around your feet, and the last guy with a rocket launcher shoots at you, nearly planting a missile into your head. As you're running, you look up and see a vacant plane. It's not just any plane, but a Warhawk which comes loaded with missiles, machine guns and the ability to hover and boost out of sight. You run up, jump in the cockpit and fly off, narrowly escaping with your life. But you're not interested in escaping the conflict entirely, as you want to return and make them pay; you pick up some more missiles and a cluster bomb. You come swooping in and drop your cluster bomb, killing the guy with the RPG and blowing up the jeep. You loop around and come back in with 2 missiles armed and locked on the tank…you fire; an explosion! The tank is destroyed, you have done it! You have escaped and made your enemies pay! Just as soon as you start to relax *BOOM* you're dead! Another Warhawk flies away…you forgot there were 16 people on that team.

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red5ive3529d ago

but it doesn't matter, because this is such a great game. i can always go back to Warhawk and expect an amazing online experience.


I never liked Warhawk cos' i sucked at it lol

jaysquared3529d ago

Not too bad of a game.. just tried it a couple of weeks ago when my friend brought his PS3 to work. He is a big warhawk fan and always talking about how bad a$$ it was.. Its an alright game just not my cup of tea, graphics aren't all that great though.. The graphics look like last gen! Seriously..

ThanatosDMC3529d ago

The paragraph above is a good description of how Warhawk is... of course i would have fired flares if im in hover mode... but that's just me. Gotta love the insanity that is Warhawk!

na2ru13529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

But great when appreciated. 32 players all at once with so many Warhawks flying and exploding and tanks blasting with debris scattering whilst the horrifying TOW missle floats nearby all at the same time in a massive map with open space equivilent to 6 regular maps all with incredible draw distance and's absolutely boundless

edit: its fully anti aliased, producing clear sharp visable opportunities for miles of distant sniping range positions.

nix3529d ago

awesome game! and addicting too. yup.. that para above kinda sums it up!

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grantps33529d ago

they waited so that they could grade it after the DLC.

also its more acurate if you grade them a ways after it releases so that hype doesnt interfere with the scores

krouse933529d ago

You speak the truth for sure yup.

Sev3529d ago

Yup, you guys are right, that, and we are trying to fill the back log of PS3 games into our review section.

ThatOneGuyThere3529d ago

KZ2 didn't have to be the halo killer hiphopgamer said it is, because warhawk already killed it a while ago. Just my opinion.

INehalemEXI3529d ago

Warhawk is awesome it be hard for me to give it a 100% though since they abandoned that smexy looking SP Campaign. The fact that its brutaly underrated though makes this a deserving score.

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Bubble Buddy3529d ago

I love Warhawk, but I'm not that good on it :(, any tips? :P.

BkaY3529d ago

try to pick up every item......

coz u never know what u gonna need ... as it a very well balanced game...

i always carry ... health pack .... rocket and wrench....

im a true ground troop and hates plane... just use em for quick transport... lolzz

ThatOneGuyThere3529d ago

*always make sure you get a rocket pack before getting into any other vehicle, it makes escaping in bad situations easier.

*the defensive countermeasures are your friend. whenever you're in a Warhawk and see one pick it up.

*whenever you spawn, NEVER leave camp without SOME sort of guns.

*Don't fly anywhere near anti-air missile launchers.

*If you press R2 AND L2 at the same time while flying, you can power slide, which is a great way to do fast 180's and get an edge on your enemy.

*You're better off keeping low to the ground, as missiles locked on to you will have a high chance of hitting something else(buildings, trees, mountains)

dinkeldinkse3529d ago

Never leave camp without every weapon possible, it makes everything a whole lot easier.Stay away from teammates unless they know what they are doing.Test the map constantly to find places that give you the advantage.

Diugu3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Master flying with the Warhawk. I just get up on it and fly owning everyone I see.

What I like to do is get the invisible and the chaff dispenser first so that I can avoid any threat. I also like to mine the air and get the Homing Missile. Sometimes while I am fighting a more experienced player I use the Swarm Missiles to cause quick damage and make them waste the chaff, after that I lock them with the Homing Missiles to finish them off (all this while I shoot them).

Also it is good to pay attention to the tow missiles (if you see someone get it, follow them to take them down as they use it) and try to use it quickly to get some cheap kills or important kills on capture the flag.

Try to collect all the items, learn which situation to use each item and dont be affraid to mine everything. Also master the using of the chaff that is the most important thing to know when using the warhawk.

Those Dogfights are very intense and I love this game because of them.

GrandTheftZamboni3529d ago

I see there are guys running around with firearms in their hands, which makes them visible on the map and also on the field. Having only a knife makes one less visible. Hitting with a knife is an instant kill, only in close combat though and you can still throw grenades with R1 (?) at more distant enemies.

If you want a revenge for being killed, you can watch your killer before choosing a spawning point. That way you can get an idea of his tactics, where he's flying or hiding.

Main thing is enjoying the game. I don't care that much about being killed, so after just hitting 400 hrs my kill/death ratio still sucks (0.7):(

BkaY3529d ago

mine KDR is 2.82 or something..... but it doesnt matter..

just try to build up skills.... specially with sniper and rocket launcher... dont use one weapon only.... there will be times when u stuck with one weapon....

u can add me my psn = kaka-sipai (everyone who lov warhawk can add me :)...)

ps: just to make sure that if your rank is lower than sargent then filter your server max rank to sargent and if you r higher than sargent than filter it to cmd sargent... otherwise you will get you backside handed to u...

i remember my first match was .... 0 kills and 19 deaths....lolz...
and i was playing with generals and stuff.....lolzzz


Marceles3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Once you learn how to use a Warhawk, the game is so much better. The name of the game IS Warhawk are you gonna play the game only to drive around? Once you learn how to dodge missiles without using flares, learn the maps and where everyone weapon is, and learn what direction to push your d-pad to quickly switch to the weapon you want to use for the moment, you'll be a force to reckon with. You don't want to have a Warhawk or a missile on your ass and then pushing every d-pad button hoping you land on the flare. I've gotten many angry letters from people mad at me for destroying them with a Warhawk. Mostly they go like "it's people (exchange the word "people" with any obscenity you'd like) like you that make Warhawk not fun"...and I take that as a compliment lol. I wouldn't want to play either if I'm getting tow and homing missiled every 5 seconds.

nix3529d ago

...make love to the Anti Air Missile posts! literally. that's how you can get most of the planes down. even the veterans will have tough time escaping two homing missiles.

most of the time the pilots are busy fighting around so that's the time you lock on to them and kill them. be ready to jump out too. i know it's as cheap as being a sniper guy (i really hate them... i always get killed by them) but it works.

and always feel free to throw the mines around, especially around the flag and corners/alleys.

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Socomer 19793529d ago

I played earlier today.
it was CTF & we got the flag but that huge matrix ship was showering our jeep with the gatling gun & a jeep with 2 guys was chasing us as we tried to escape! Talk about itinidating.
The guy driving our jeep tried so freaking hard to get away & I had the horrible choice of shooting at these targets with the .50 cal on the back of the jeep.
30 minute game & this was our last chance to win with 2 minutes left...
we didn't make it but my voice is gone from the yelling !


yojoe263529d ago

one of the BEST online experiences I have ever had. Absolutely cannot wait for Santa Monica to reveal the plans for their next Warhawk title! Hopefully some single player love this time around!

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