Proof that God of War III won't hit in 2009?

The Playstation 3 Guys report: "I came across two rather interesting job listings on that pertained to God of War III. Could these job listings be proof that unlike what Sony is reporting, that GOW III won't be released until 2010?"

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Violater3555d ago

Actually extends to 2010, nevertheless we still have 10 months to go.

ThePlaystation3guy3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Very, very true bro. Still..this is a God of War game. Who would want Sony to rush a title as big as this and have it flop so all the Xbox fans can rub it in our faces? Plus these are both very big roles to be filled. As much as I want it (And Sony needs it) to released this year, 2010 seems much more likely.

N4360G3555d ago

It's all good,the PS3 has more than enough games this year to keep us all busy until God Of War III arrives.

SupaPlaya3555d ago

If it comes out this year, Awesome!

If it comes out next year, it means that they 're taking their time polishing the game. Awesome!

Either way, we win.

Wizeguy213555d ago

I thought we all knew this wasn't gonna hit in 09?

thats_just_prime3555d ago

09 really isnt looking good at all right now. SO4 ,RE5 and prototype are really the only games that are worth while that we know for sure are being released in 09

Danja3555d ago

well if it doesn't arrive in this year..big deal..Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank will certainly hold fill the SP gap for the while..

and having GOW3 to start off 2010 would be huge on Sony's part I'll rather a great day over a rushed game..

BiG_LU3555d ago

I hope that won't be a problem but no matter what it will be nice that they put more time into the game and do another bad @$$ looking game and fun to play like the other two GoW.

himdeel3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

...sighs with relief. Look forward to it whenever it drops.

Bubble Buddy3554d ago

Killzone 2, then InFamous, then GT5 (Am I correct?), then NBA 2K10?, then Uncharted 2, and hopefully Ratchet? Yeah there's plenty of games this year already. PLUS there's Modern Warfare 2 :).

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DrWan3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Please dont take offense.

But bro, there is something seriously wrong with your logic. not to mention this doesn't even establish association, let alone causality.

First, Sony Santa Monica is listing two senior position jobs this year, and from that you assume God of War III won't make 2009. Do you see a problem with your logic? Exactly, there was none. How the hell does that mean anything?

Let me list two things this can mean just in case you are actually thinking and not just cut and pasting job listings to boost traffic to your blog.

1. Sony Santa Monica has more than 1 project going on, they are not just making God of War. Your argument just got owned.

2. Sony is doing internal reshuffling. Maybe they got all the animations down for God of War already, and they are moving two senior guys to another studio like Naughty Dog or they are moving the two senior guys right now to form a whole new studio, so they are hiring replacements for Santa Monica. Your argument got owned second time.

3. As you see from the GoW Trailers, they got the animations down pretty smooth already and now they are hiring a extra senior animator. And you are saying the game won't hit till 2010 just base on that? Who the [email protected] was animating Kratos all along? ONE person doesn't make the whole team fall apart, maybe they wanna fire the current guy who's slacking off. Your argument got owned a third time.

4. Hiring new Sr officers has nothing to do with the game's release window when you have 150 other people already working on the game for 2 years and they already know what to do. There are always Junior staff that has the ability of a Sr staff but is kept under the water because they lack the seniority (in terms of empolyed time); these guys can always step up on the plate and finish the project. Kind of like GoW 2 when Jaffie left. Fourth time..owned.

5. Ok, so what if all of the above were not true and I am full of Sh!t? Well THERE YOU GO! I just did exactly what you did on ur blog. FULL OF SH!T; one man speculation base on some random job listing and you infer the game's release window with absolutely NO knowledge how far they are in development and what kind of leadership guidance they need on a day to day basis (maybe they are pretty independent and don't even need an senior staff because the director did such a good job).

So congratulations, this is not news; rather change ur damn title to SONY SANTA MONICA OPENING TWO NEW SR JOBS. U can't even say for God of War III, because how do you know they are not working on a DLC small game for PSN.

--- Back to normal mode ---

So yah bro, good job finding the two new positions, so in a sense that was the only news worthy part of the post. I will be interesting to see what they are working on. or if hiring two new guy will actually help SPEED UP the project so they make the 2009 release date.

Game on.

rhood0223555d ago

Also, those positions have been posted since October 2008.

ThePlaystation3guy3555d ago

No offense taken, bro. I did jump the gun a little bit and I apologize.

DrWan3555d ago

no need for apologies i approved the article bc it had news worthy items in it, not some totally random bullcrap.

And i was venting for the sake of venting, nothing more. keep up the blog.

SmokeyMcBear3554d ago

what the hell is devil's abacus?... do you mean devil's advocate?

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lokiroo4203555d ago

playstation3guy, seriously? seriously? dont mind going out on a limb huh?

interrergator3555d ago

its already confirmed for 2009 it came straight from sony

chrisnick3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

i kinda don't want it to. the longer it stays in development the better it'll look and the better it'll be...i actually want it to be here in 2010

OGharryjoysticks3555d ago

Being a first time heavy hitter for the franchise on this gen they can take the extra time. Uncharted is the 2nd game they are releaseing so they have an established process they can work with and improve. This is Kratos' moment of truth.

odisho683555d ago

"i kinda don't want it to. the longer it stays in development the better it'll look and the better it'll be...i actually want it to be here in 2010"

...and the more money we can save up until it's release...2009 is already too amazingly and incredibly crowded

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