Seven reasons why I haven't bought Street Fighter IV yet

Destructoid: "I've been a fan of the Street Fighter games for more than half of my life. The first game in the series I ever played was Fighting Street on the TurboGrafx-CD. Despite its crappy two-button controls, narrow selection of playable characters (Ken and Ryu), and a multitude of other "flaws," I absolutely loved the game, and on some level, I still do.

Ever since then, I've picked up every Street Fighter game brought to the home market (with a few exceptions) on the day they've been released, but with the release of Street Fighter IV, that long tradition has finally been broken. Though I did feel some pull to pick the game up when it hit stores last Tuesday, I ended up passing on the purchase, and so far I haven't regretted it. I'm sure I'll end up buying the game eventually, but I'm not entirely certain that's going to happen this week, or even this year.

What does it take to make a die-hard Street Fighter fan pass on the first major Street Fighter game to be released in almost ten years?"

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BGDad3556d ago

Someone doesnt buy a game so makes an article about it? Are you kidding me?

Get a life you pathetic loser and unplug your keyboard to save the world from tardism ....

Seriously? You wrote an article? Because you didnt buy a game? Serously?

Well let me start a website and write about how I was going to make eggs this morning but didnt...

1)The frying pan was dirty
2)The economy
3)My fat wife ate all the eggs
4)Dog ate the bacon
5)Got pist off after reading some smuck write an article about not buying a frigin game

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh the madness of this site i swear...

Shaka2K63556d ago

Im so poor and can only afford the cheap dvdplayer Xflop Plxfixme and and the abysmal controler for such garbage system makes fighting AAA games like SV4 so much inferior on this POS console.

SV4 = AAA game = Best on Sony PS3.


with mlb the show and killzone 2 coming out the same week. I won't have the time to play it .looks great though. I hope my friends buys it and brings it to my house .

3555d ago
KKanjiAnkh3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

1. Rufus, and El Fuerte Suck.
2. Garbage Music Score, except original character themes.
3. Crappy way to redo SSF2T w/out T.Hawk, and Deejay.
4. Seth is a clone of Dural from Virtua Fighter, Geegus from World Heroes.
5. What happened to all the characters Super Arts.
6. No 3rd Strike characters.
7. Almost all the way the character models are overdone and cheesy,
handdrawn sprits still should've been used.
8. Lackluster stages.

Those are my reasons, Sorry Capcom

no_more_trolling3556d ago

it will still sell millions. im sorry capcom couldnt please you only. but they pleased millions. you can keep your 60, they will do just fine.

socomnick3556d ago

sf4 takes place before 3rdstrike thats why there's no characters from that game. I dont see it as a big loss either since most of the characters in 3rd strike sucked except Dudley.

Also the stages are great. Theres tiny details that I keep rediscovering like knocking out a wing on a plane with a shoryuken , or performing a piledriver on the crowded streets of hong kong causing the earth to shake and the bicyclist to fall. Great game , easily one of the best games if not the best game this generation.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

*goes back to play it.

Doppy3556d ago

The only gripes I have with the game are the stories (they suck), the jumping (feels weird to me), and the lack of new characters. I wished they revamped the roster with MORE NEW CHARACTERS or at least explained why none of the original characters are in 3rd strike, but it's still a great game gameplay wise, but I was a little let down by the presentation.

Lifendz3556d ago

The constant complaint seems to be Seth's difficulty. I'm not one of those guys that tries to act all bad by saying I got perfects on Seth with every character on the hardest difficulty. I was using Ryu on medium and it took me a good 6 matches to get his pattern. If you just want to unlock the characters you can always put the game on easiest and set it to one match. The trophies are fairly balanced. It's not like Wipeout HD or anything. The art style is growing on me. I like the...let me stop rambling...I like the game a lot. I'm going to buy that friggin mad catz controller tomorrow just because my thumb is killing me from using the dpad. If you don't like it then hey, sell it on Ebay and get your money back.

na2ru13556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

EXCEPT point 7. Hand drawn sprits has reached its peak. I have the game.

edit the PS3 runs great with no noticeable aliasing or jaggies despite it's aleged "SUB HD" res. Mirrors edge appeared far worse.

IdleLeeSiuLung3556d ago

Man, I love SF IV and hopefully they don't take destructiod's suggestions on making a game. That would make a freaking horrible game. I don't want an adventure game where I'm exploring moves or socialize with people. I want to kick ya ASS!!!

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GiantEnemyCrab3556d ago

You get an agree from me. Dude is like a walking Sony boner and look at the comment history. If this dude is old enough to actually be a dad what a pityful thought and even more pityful to think the idiot is actually reproducing.

Dimitri3556d ago

Because im waiting for Killzone 2 ;D thats why I didnt buy SFIV.

KKanjiAnkh3556d ago

Yippie Doo Doo for, Capcom, and just because they sell millions means jack, telling me whether a game was good or not.

By you telling me X amount of dollars was made, has no relevance on what I stated, and how Capcom's product's have been severely Lackluster, for all long time now.

Thanx though for you telling me what I've been playing since the inception of the series, I swear some of you are naive.

Just cause you spitshine a turd doesn't make it valuable.

lokiroo4203556d ago

Im with you, SF2THD is all I need, I dont get why the game costs 60 bucks, really, why?

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