The Games Are Evil Show #1

GamesAreEvil writes: More than a newscast, this is a frighteningly extended discussion that gives us a glimpse into the insane minds and passionate hearts of the Games Are Evil staff. Or something like that. Enjoy!

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CrAppleton3554d ago

Great first show.. gets better as it goes on!

thealienist3554d ago

lol that Alan guy is a total nerd dude

bgrundman3553d ago

That was a marathon if I have ever heard one! But a good start to be sure

CrAppleton3554d ago

Super loooong! Great personalities.. looking forward to more!

killyourfm3554d ago

I usually don't especially enjoy these longform podcasts, but I heard some promise here.

For their 1st time together on the mic, they had good chemistry.

roblef3553d ago

I think that funny hyper british guy is great. where's they find him?

killyourfm3553d ago

"Save him for last, like a showpiece."

That was hilarious.