Is This What Gaming Has Reduced Us Too

TalkPlayStation: "As I was playing Street Fighter 4 the other day which by the way is quite boring and slow. I told myself that If i didn't like the arcade mode I would attempt to try the online. As I joined a match, I was up against someone who has never played the online part before. As the first round started I was winning but then he cornered me and kept pressing the square button on me. He kept punching me until I was dead. He did this for the 2 rounds. As I quit the match I just threw my control away and left the room with what dignity I had left. It also reminded me about the video you are about to see. Is this truly what games has reduced us to do. Get angry and break the first thing we see. I'm not going to say 'Enjoy The Video' but i am going to say I feel the pain all these people are going through.

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Gun_Senshi3552d ago

All you needed is to block. Press the Back button.
You could had thrown him on wake up.
You could had used Focus attack.
You could had jumped out.
You could had charged an ultra or special while getting hit.

Trophy Unlocked. You Suck at fighter games.

no_more_trolling3552d ago

lol for real. if he doesnt know how to block then he is a noob. i hate playing noobs online

The gaming GOD3552d ago

Hell no, I don't hate playing them. That's how you get those silver "win in a row" trophies lol

Style3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

He's just stating the obvious fact that SFIV sucks.

no_more_trolling3552d ago

when people says a game sucks, its more likely that they are the one that really suck.

u sukk!!!!11one

NaiNaiNai3552d ago

yep like those people who talk about LBP, KZ2, MGS4, Halo 3, Halo wars, L4D, Geow2, Fable 2. and alot of other games.

people who say the games suck suck at the game. or are just plain fanboys.

thats_just_prime3552d ago

Nai thats kind of fun cause I think LBP, KZ2, MGS4, Halo 3 and L4D all suck and doesnt have anything to do with how good I am or being a fanboy I just dont like those games. I do like GoW2 and Fable 2 tho and havent played Halo wars yet so no idea on it. Point is some people just dont like some games

Rockstar3552d ago

Since when does not liking a game equate to the game sucking?

NaiNaiNai3552d ago

lets put it this way. most people who complain about halo 3, usually suck at the game, *low scores and such* or have never played the game *= fanboy*....tell me what games have you been really good at and you hate them.

thisguywithhair3552d ago

What you are saying is BS and you know (or you should ne ways). If I don't like a game I am not going to play it, because I don't like it. You say that I don't like the game because I suck at it? I say I suck at it because I DON'T PLAY IT because it I don't like it.

Lich1203552d ago

For the most part I agree with Nai on this one. For example I like all those games (except MGS4) because Im good at those kind of games. And while some of that has to do with the fact that I play them the most, most of it has to do with what felt natural from the get go. Also, his point about saying a game sucks because you don't like it is right on too. I don't like MGS4, but I wouldn't ever say it sucks. Its just not my kind of game.

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Baka-akaB3552d ago

You know , everyone complaining about online modes in fighting game , need to realize that , even if there are a lot of rooms for improvement and could/should be better ... ultimately fighting games are the kind of thing you mostly enjoy sourrounded by people ...

Personally i dont see much point in Playing Rock band , street fighter , tekken or soul calibur , alone in my room with a stranger located dozens of miles away ... except maybe once every while challenge myself .

And even if unlike me you enjoy it a lot , it still doesnt beat playing with friends or at the arcade .

JBaby3433552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

My bad.

aaron58293552d ago

Isnt this article more about the "video" than SF4 being suck or not ?

ForNgoods3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I guess the notion of blocking escapes him. The funniest thing about this is he calls the other guy out as a noob with no online experience.

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