Top 10 Playstation 3 Games

This list describes the top 10 games for the ps3.

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DDP3381d ago

No Killzone or GTA4. And every blurb about each game seems to reference a Super Nintendo game or a game on Wii. Real nice list.


JDPGamer20023381d ago


are u a gamer?

iamtehpwn3381d ago

There a LOT better Ps3 games then whats on this list--

I mean,

WTF "Tiger woods 09"

I could pretty much replace that with any Virtual boy Game... XD

This List FAILS.

InfectedDK3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Yeah, this is a crappy list, sorry..

Assassins Creed should'nt be there either..

Where's Burnout Paradise Ultimate?
COD4, GTA4, Killzone 2, Fifa 09, Warhawk, Resistance 2, Saints Row 2, Fallout 3 aaaand sooo on anyone?


There are so many other better, greater games than the half of those on that list.

It is EASY to see that, that list is made up so it will look less superior to the Wii's game collection.

lordgodalming3381d ago

From the list: "While not as good as the Wii version, Tiger Woods 2009 is a highly enjoyable game no matter what console you play it on."

Tiger effing Woods in the list of top ten games on the PS3. I...What...But...

*shakes head and walks away*

ape0073381d ago

has amazing exclusives,now kz2 will come

gow 3


and the ps3 potential,blu-ray space,cell processor

bottom line:every gamer has to get a ps3,it will exceeds your expectations....and then some

harv0523381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

These guys are f**ked!! Check another list of theirs:

The one that cracks me up is #4...

RememberThe3573381d ago

Number 1 made me laugh the most. These guys suck...

StayHigh3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Ratchet And Clank Tools of Destruction
War Hawk
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Resistance 1
Resistance 2
Gran Turismo P
Socom Confrontation
Disgea 3
Naruto Shipudden
Hevenly Sword
Valkrie chronicles

To many great games on the PS3 and didnt mention third party games

lokiroo4203381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )


the ps3's dvd player, lmfao, "I could go out to Target and get a DVD player for $30 dollars instead of paying an extra $200 for the DVD player on the PS3." What middle school these guys just graduate from?

umair_s513381d ago

Well I sort of agree to the list as KILLZONE 2 hasn't officially been released yet, GTA 4 is OVER-hyped. Assassin's creed is actually a pretty good game in it's genre. Not sure about tigerwood and MLB game, didn't plat them.

IzKyD13313380d ago

"for the most part the Nintendo Wii is the more innovative console, and on average has much better games"

They lost all credibility with this statement. The Wii is the console with more 1,2, and 3/10 games than the PS3 and 360 combined

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ape0073381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

gta 4 was an 8.5 to 9 game

it was very good but it wasn't as amazing and madfun to play as the ps2 gta games

Im hoping that R polish things up(controlles,responsiveness,b etter gameplay) and use blu-ray and cell processor,it really help in an open world game,think about it

I really really wish that gta 5 use ps3 potential,please R,then port it to 360 no problem on multidisk or whatever,sort it out

AND R THE PS3 VERSION OF GTA 4 IS WORSE THAN 360 VERSION,ign and others didn't say the truth but believe me guys,I had gta 4 on ps3 first,finished,played it over 6 months it,as soon as I heared about dlc I bought 360 version,360 versio runs much better,have better graphics,framerate,everything, R really miss it me im not lying

guys,please try saints row 2,it's an awesome,underrated game,it's so fun

You Already Know3381d ago

I didn't like it, but it's still a top 10 game and I can see it as a top 10 game...

I would say (not in any order)...the top 10 ps3 games are..

Resistance 1 or 2
Little Big Planet
Burnout Paradise
Valkyria Chronicles
Ratchet and Clank
Street Fighter IV
Killzone 2 - why not...

I have left out PSN downloads because there are quite a few good ones that I'd add and they would almost consider having their own list...

games like Super Stardust HD, Flower, PixelJunk Monsters, High Velocity Bowling to name a few...and Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD as well...

MountainMaverick3381d ago

I think Little Big Planet was overrated.

BigSwede3381d ago

Sweden dominates the PS3.

cryymoar3381d ago

your opinion is overrated.
write a blog and cry about it.

see what i did there? :)

HolyOrangeCows3381d ago

That's your opinion, however, I don't think it should have been number ONE on the list.

And where's fallout 3? Maybe it's not the best version, but it's still amazing.

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Kriller3381d ago

This was the dumbest f-ing thing I've ever read. Assassin's creed #10???? Where's Killzone?! What a bunch of morons. Don't click on that link if you don't want to lose some brain cells.

onomix3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Before you are talking trash, think a little bit would you? And it is their opinion. Nobody has the same list, so stop whining, and get over it. It is so funny, that you get offended by a top 10 PS3 list. PS3 must be the only thing you care about. It must have taken a lot of time and effort for this guy to write all of this. And you come here, and attack him, because he did not have one of your favorite games on it.

Great list. I don't agree on the some of the games, but I accept their opinion unlike many others here.

DDP3381d ago


lol. yeah its like messing with someone's religion in a way.

nycredude3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Dude you shouldn't be talking. All i see you do is troll all the Ps3 news as if it's your job or something.

Get off their nutsacks dude. IMHO If you had a ps3 you would know that there are far more better Ps3 exclusive games than what is on this lame ass list. How are you going to make a ps3 list and have crappy multiplat games.

THis list looks like it took all but 30 minutes to write up and they just couldn't help nut put down the system and praise some crappy gimick with damn near no good games out.

Just like you said this list is their opinion, this is my opinion. We're all intitled to one.

Edit: My quick list in no particular order.

Little Big Planet
Valkyria Chronicles
MotorStorm 1 and 2
MLB the show
Killzone 2: I don't care if it's not out yet. It's right around the corner.
Rachet and Clank: TOD
Heavenly Sword
Super Stardust HD
Flower, Flow, Pixel Junk Monsters, Eden (take your pick for PSN)

Volvobug3381d ago

i love how people criticize the list, then name their own list with almost the same games. wow.

Tiberium3381d ago

I think it was for top 10 not 17. But your list is good too.

nycredude3381d ago

Yeah sorry I got carried away. I didn't even realize it until I posted.

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NovusTerminus3381d ago

LBP was great, but there are allot of ways to improve on the game. The game was still great. (Though MGS4 was the best game in 08 to me.)