Can HAWX Kill Ace Combat?

For a long time Ace Combat has been the reigning champion of flight combat simulators. While there has been games released that were pitted against it such as Warhawk, they paled in comparison. I'm not saying Warhawk was a bad game, just nothing comparable against Ace Combat. Ace Combat though, seems to have found worthy competition with Tom Clancy's HAWX.

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PirateThom3558d ago

Why do games have to kill other games?

The gaming GOD3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

It's how they generate business. Like as bad as fanboyism is, the media knows damn well they NEED it for that $$$. That is why HAWX has to "kill" Ace Combat.

Of course I agree with you though Thom. No game has to "kill" any other game. I'll never understand why for one game to thrive, another game has to "die".

Spybreak3558d ago

agreed man, there can only be one ring lol.

Shaka2K63558d ago

Ace Combat is fun for a while but, Warhawk is still to this day the most addictive online game on any console/PC to date !!!

killcycle3558d ago

nothing will kill ace combat.
to be honest after playing the demo of hawx at a euro expo i dont think it will be killing anything.

XLiveGamer3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

I have Ace Combat 6 and a Game Called Over G Fighters and frankly Ace Combat 6 looks amazing in graphics, Story and cut scenes but in multiplayer and realism i give it to Over G.

Before you say: Over G sux! hold on. Rent the game contact me and lets dog fight! Now Hawks Have Good Graphics but its another boring game like Ace Combat 6 once you pass the game 2 times and play the multiplayer couple of times thats it Sux! Im not saying its better than AC6 but Ace Combat 6 its not the best Jet Fighter game in Xbox360.
Do you want the best Jet Fighter simulation game in a console. Over G

By the way im one of the Top Dogs on that game. I can give you school in a F-16 in Over G.

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