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Stunningly beautiful new KOF XII footage

Stunningly beautiful new The King of Fighters XII (KOF XII) gameplay footage taken from the AOU 2009 event. (Arcade, King of Fighters XII, PS3, Xbox 360)

Harry190  +   2165d ago
The true king
of 2d fighters.


P.S: Best animation in a fighter....ever.
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Sevir04  +   2165d ago
nope guilty gears was the ebst of the 2d gen. for the HD gen it's all about blazblue calamity trigger
i simply cant wait till that game hits till then it's all about street fighter
BUM  +   2164d ago
KOF XII looks great! When is it out?
BkaY  +   2164d ago
i think....
Q2 2009.... thts what in the vg releases.....

as the biggest fan of the series.... cant wait for ....

iori is ma fav.... but they made him more like emo...
and where is his god damn purple flame....:(

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