'Sacred 2: Fall Angel' Coming to Xbox 360 - Screens

Sacred 2 is a deep fantasy RPG where players are immersed in an epic journey through the medieval-like kingdom of Ancaria. Highly action-oriented, Ascaron's Sacred 2 features pitched battles and a wide range of enticing quests. At GDC Ascaron announced that Sacred 2 is also coming to Xbox 360...

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MoonDust3877d ago

Hopefully it p[lays good.

Anerythristic263877d ago

Looks like it could be cool. With Mass Effect , Blue Dragon , Lost Odessey, Eternal Sonata and this game all being announced for 360 this year it looks like we are moving out of the shooter phase and into an RPG glut. Interesting.

tomfoolery3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The more rpgs....the more acceptance in Japan!

Boink3877d ago

more RPG's are needed.

FirstknighT3877d ago

Looks like the 360 is the place for RPG's. People talk about the 360 having only shooters. This proves otherwise. The 360 has a nice list of RPG's plus it's the best console for racers...PGR3 & Forza!

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