The Top 100 PS2 Games Of All Time Parts 1 & 2 (#1-40) kicks off another top 100 list with its list of the top 100 PS2 games of all time. The list is in alphabetical order, and parts 3-5 will be added throughout the week.

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OldWizard3553d ago

SlapStic is the #3 site in the world after Old-Wizard and google.

RKRigney3553d ago

traffic wise? Yeah that's a pretty close estimate ;D

gametheory3553d ago

Why not make it more pages to get more hits and/or revenue? Yeah I can't wait to see your favorite games, especially after knowing you didn't complain about inflated metascores before Killzone 2 came out.

I hate how fanboys are using N4G to make a name of their site and/or themselves, and leeching of N4G in order to pay their bills with their sh1tty armchair "expert" opinions instead of doing something productive.

"nyah nyah I'm not on meta nyah nyah"

lordgodalming3553d ago

Especially when the site's current survey is about fanboys and one of the choices is "Yes, I'm a generic, retarded user!" Although I agree that N4G is frequented by some genuinely obnoxious personalities, I like how slapstic is being purposely antagonistic toward such a huge percentage of their site's potential visitors. Fail.

sinned473553d ago

i laughed when i saw final fantasy x-2

ChemicalWorld3553d ago

Thats where I stopped reading as well. How anyone could class that turd game as a top PS2 game is beyond me.

Baka-akaB3553d ago

I laughed too , but i laughed from the start with stuff like that Everquest game .

Bonsai12143553d ago

the combat system for that game was excellent. everything else was so-so. it actually looks like they took the x-2 combat system and used a modified version of it in XIII. it was involved, fast, and fun to use. no denying that.

Qbanboi3553d ago

I never played God Hand because my friend told me it sucked. Is it really that good, to be on the Ps2 top 100?

Baka-akaB3553d ago

It's not only a great beat them all , a genre pretty much left for dead since the 16 bits era , but it also got an incredibly silly story full of humor .

Qbanboi3553d ago

wow thank. I may check it out.

Snake Raiser3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

OMG! Ace Combat: Shattered skies is probably my favorite game from that time of my life.
EDIT: OMFG! Kingdom Hearts. Ok, forget what I said before. I think PS2 I think of KH, Army Men RTS, and Shattered skies.

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