Dissidia: Final Fantasy Coming in August

Kombo Reports: "If EBGames is to be believed, we'll be seeing Dissidia: Final Fantasy coming at the end of August later this summer."

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theusedfake3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

I really hope so, I need more psp games.

MattyF3380d ago

I agree. The wait has been too long already.

meepmoopmeep3380d ago

the gameplay is really fun,

i just wish i understood Japanese to get into the story and upgrade system
more thoroughly.


i'll get the ENG version for sure though

skip2mylou3380d ago

i really dont trust EB and whatever happened to it coming out in the end of May?

jkoz3379d ago

I never heard anything about it coming in May o_O Where did you hear that?

jkoz3379d ago

This isn't new news... heard about that a few weeks ago. That and KH: 358/2 days will be coming out sometime in August, said Square...

Da One3379d ago


they said August was false................

Sangria3379d ago

Hoping it wont be so long to get Dissidia in Europe...

Da One3379d ago

after the US release hope thats not a long wait

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