Next FFVII Compilation Title To Be Unveiled At This Year's E3?

Today it was revealed that Square Enix would again be attending North America's premier gaming Expo E3, an event where they've had mixed reaction over the last few years. Last year they announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to the Xbox 360 in North America and Europe alongside the Playstation 3 version, whereas in 2006 they announced the Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise.

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reonkaze3558d ago

A next FF7 compilation seems unlikely until at least a few titles have cleared from squareenix list. Final fantasy 13 is still in development so kitase is busy, the other is nomura and he is working on ff13, versus 13 and spirit goal after that. As much as i would like to see another game/remake off ff7, the people that would be working on it is not available for at least the next couple of years. I honestly don't expect anything huge from ff7 world until at least late 2010 early 2011. Also, since squareenix for the most part is going multi plat, its gonna be interesting how they would handle this situation, they received many harsh comments about ff13 porting over to xbox , one would think ff7<playstation sacred cow> would have a huge uproar if it loses its exclusivity. I'm down for squareenix going multi but i think i would leave this on the ps to avoid a huge uproar and lose its playstation fans.

Heldrasil3558d ago

I am trying to use logic, but I do not understand how so many people can get pissed that a software developer goes multiplatform? It brings in more $$$$ for the developers to focus on new projects for us all.

iamtehpwn3558d ago

And I want a remake too.

You could've been doing that instead of creating this foreign abomination known as "Fabula Nova Crystallis"

We want FFVII.

lord_of_balrogs3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

"I am trying to use logic, but I do not understand how so many people can get pissed that a software developer goes multiplatform? It brings in more $$$$ for the developers to focus on new projects for us all. "

It's funny you know, when the 360 loses an exclusive the Sony fans think its a smart business move. When they lose an exclusive they rage and refuse the buy the product. See FF13. Now they all want FF13 VS.

@Dj and forevercloud3000

Mass Effect is sacred to the 360 and PS fanboys clamour for that game. The same thing applies to Mass Effect a PS3 release would delay the game and the 360 version would suffer because the PS3 has problems with the UE3.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm all for console exclusives as it defines the console. I would prefer that Mass Effect stays solely on the 360 and FF13 solely on the PS3. I just hate the double standard PS fanboy throw.

Oh even if FF7 does go exclusive and it pisses off Sony fans and they boycott the game, who will they turn to for JRPGs? Namco? Sega? Level 5? Mystwalker? Please.

"And I do think Versus XIII will be the best--Nomura is the genius, and really father of great action RPG combat. "

The father of great action RPG combat? Are you for real? WRPGs have led to great action RPGs. The "father" of action RPGs will never be a JRPG.

forevercloud30003558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

to the Playstation fanbase. Regardless of the fact FF originated on a Nintendo platform, you cannot argue that the series didn't become a house hold name until it hit Playstation. Final Fantasy VII put SquareSoft on the MAP, pulling GTA like numbers in sales. It is the only of the series to do so.

The reason an "uproar" will most definitely ensue if the EVER do a multiplat title of FFVII is because SE has been backstabbing the company that made them partially the success they are today. With no PS1 there would be no awesome FFVII(only a shadow of what could of been on the Nintendo64). SE would have never have tried to expand and do bigger and better things. Sony has been giving them the opportunity to make the best damn games they could ever dream of every cycle. And thats without even counting the fact that Sony bailed them out of bankruptcy SEVERAL times(Departure from Nintendo and the Spirits Within fiasco).

Square used to be such a noble and prestigious company, yet this gen(with help from MS) has turned them into money grubbing bandits. If they want to please the fans they better be announcing that Final Fantasy VII remake/Sequel exclusively for PS3.

EDIT: @Lord of Balrog
I always wanted FF Versus XIII more so then XIII. That one is being helmed by Tetsuya Nomura, the last man standing from the original FFVII team. Most of the game was designed by him but he was not acredited. He truly is what made FFVII so great. Versus is showing a little of that as well. The main Character Noctis lookes freaking sweet.

I hope that FF Versus XIII actually overthrows FFVII from it's royal plateau so Noctis can be the new "IT" character~

DJ3558d ago

If a PS3 exclusive goes multiplatform, the developer is obligated to dumb down the title both tech-wise and length-wise. Now for RPGs this isn't too bad since the 360 version can still be put on 3~4 DVDs. But it still affects the overall quality of the title.

iamtehpwn3558d ago

Noctis does have a lot of "IT" character potential. I know a few fangirls who care crazy for the guy already.

And I do think Versus XIII will be the best--Nomura is the genius, and really father of great action RPG combat.

forevercloud30003558d ago

Nice to see I am not the only one that can see Versus Potential to be better then XIII's.

Bubbles for you my friend! Its worth wasting one of mine :)

LoVeRSaMa3558d ago

Sony own the publishing rights for FF VII everywhere but Japan correct?

I doubt SE are going to release it in Japan for Xbox, Sony will take the best FF game for itself methinks.

lalalala3558d ago

@1.3 - For RPGs being 360 exclusive is a very bad idea, especially JRPGs. WRPGs tend to do quite well, but JRPGs should be multi-platform all the time, if not PS3 or Wii exclusive, because it just doesn't make sense to make a JRPG for a console that has sold the least in Japan.

SpoonyRedMage3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Sony never bailed them out, they were bailed out after The Spirits Within by Enix, you now like Square "Enix" and Sony doesn't own the IP and I don't think they'd own the Publishing rights on a remake. Just like Square can't put Infinite Undiscovery on the PS3 because they don't own the right to(Microsoft owns the IP).

Tetsuya Nomura said no FFVII remake until after Versus anyway.

Mistwalker's is funded by Microsoft by the way.

Square were never dependent on Nintendo OR Sony by the way, they just developed for who best suited their needs. Sure FFVII wouldn't be the same if the Playstation wouldn't have been there but they still would have had an awesome game.

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Arsenic133558d ago

I dont even have a PS3 but just make a remake already! It will sell millions. Duh.

Heldrasil3558d ago

Same here man, I don't have the PS3, but can see where this would make a sh*t load of cash for them. Maybe they are busy porting it to the Wii (j/K) hehehe

Foxgod3558d ago

Keep hoping people, last year FFVII was supposed to be announced at E3, but it didnt.
I wasnt really disappointed tho, because they did announce FF13 for the 360, which was very cool news.

Foxgod3558d ago

I do not expect FVII to be announced at e3, the same rumors where going around last year, and it didnt happen.
However, my disappointment was at least mended when they announced FF13 for the 360.

This year i expect E3 to be the E3 of new IP's, which is ofcourse a good thing.

mephman3558d ago

Well, in my opinion it's either this or Kingdom Hearts III. I don't think Square Enix have really announced a new major title (excluding DQX) for almost two years, so surely something has to give?

A new IP would be good, as long as they actually give it the necessary resources and don't just pump out something that's half-finished.

forevercloud30003558d ago

That so many companies flock to UE but dont know how to use it correctly. Isn't the UE's main purpose that developers can make multiplatform games quicker and cheaper to maximize profit?

Then we get all the "UE doesnt work well with PS3..." garbage. Yea, its a little more difficult, we get it. Yet it seems like the difference is about as complicated as 2+2 vs 2*2.

Unreal Tournament III was PS3 main platform, runs exceptionally better then it's 360 counterpart but 360 version doesnt have any glitches or issues. This is the game that started the whole UE thing mind you.

Fat Princess is being built in the Unreal Engine, so far it looks to be a seamless game with no major issues.

What all this tells me is.......STUPID developers! STOP developing on 360 as main system while using the UE, do it on PS3 and Both games come out great.

reonkaze3558d ago

i agree heldrasil, by business aspect and to fan aspect, multiplat is the way to go, however not everyone is forgiving in situations like this. Exclusive titles create a unique fanbase and loyalty to the platform, and for some its unacceptable to see its epic titles end up anywhere but its console of choice. ff7 having a huge fanbase and most supports its playstation roots and will feel betrayed if it goes multi much like ff13. I own both system so i really dont care where it lands, but not everyone is in my boots either.

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