20° Noby Noby Boy Video Review

Noby Noby Boy, am I the only one that see's past your lies? It seems like everyone and their mothers are eating up Playstion 3's latest DLC release Noby Noby Boy and rightfully so because it is a very unique game. However unique does not equal fun and I am not having fun with this title. Here is the video review.

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DelbertGrady3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

What did he think about it? After I spotted his pants I lost focus and just blocked out everything he said. Seriously Stefan, wtf. I feel violated.

goflyakite3257d ago

So random, but it look pretty fun.

NaiNaiNai3257d ago

so this looks good, T_T but star ocean looks like crap. okay okay ive heard it all. rofl

goflyakite3255d ago

For your own sake, just stfu.
Find me a quote of myself saying SO4 looks like crap.
Oh right, I didn't.

Don't place words into my mouth.

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