Sony Dominating Microsoft's Goal

"Microsoft came into this generation thinking that digital distribution was the key. They made a deal with Toshiba to attach an external HD-DVD player to their Xbox 360 knowing that it wasn't a proven format."

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Zeus Lee3556d ago

Obviously,Ps3 is better.

iAmPS33556d ago

You can't deny Sony genius on this matter. They included a upgradeable HDD which will provide you with as much space as you want, space won't be a problem, and now are ready to offer you full games via downloads.

It makes you think that they had this planned all the way from the beginning, we just didn't know.

PS3 will be a success case to be studied and learned from.

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KazthebigmouthHirai3556d ago

Really? Then answer me this Zeus, if we're better then why the hell are we still in third place this generation? That's what I would really like to know.

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Microsoft_Spokesman3556d ago


Gaara_7243556d ago

actually ps3 outsold Xbox 360 buy 1.3 million in 07 and all the kids you're mum and dad ever produced ended up being feral children guess you weren't loved so they abandoned you and some animal raised you that’s why you cant spell to save youre "animal mother" mean please tell me what this means " D-CK, B-TCH, F-CKING, A--ES, F-CK, G-Y" is it just me or can any one else not understand a word he is typing i guess he likes being an internet gangster because if he said any of that to me in person i would knock out the little idiot out but then again most gamers like him are pathetic people who hate the sun light hate girls and hate anything other than televisions, electricity and Xbox 360 (varies on what you own) so am i surprised this immature retard diss’es peoples mum's over there inter net no
( fan boys are the lowest of the low i sometimes think they have an I,Q of -100 that’s right there so stupid and so deluded they actually have minus I,Q)

sonysuks3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

His soul purpose was to piss you off and it worked, so who is the dumba--. also you can't post swear words so making dashes fills in the blank. you really can't do that, I thought you where smart.

A droid finally gets what sony fans do constantly on this site and he can't handle it.

Or is he really slamming your mom and your mad about it?

get over it kid, that is what this site produces constantly.

oh yea he's right xbox did outsell sony in 07 as well.

here the sales WORLD WIDE PS3= 10,779,495 XBOX 360= 11,438,079


sonysuks3556d ago

Yea still losing money on every ps3, yea with blue ray I give you that. I also agree with frost or frozen whatever, either way, Downloads are the future as much as you don't want to believe in it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3555d ago

Only thing the PS3 is dominating this gen is that bottom spot...:)

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Zeus Lee3556d ago

Obviously,Microsoft have failed to tap into the casual market.

Zeus Lee3556d ago

Obviously,both Sony and Microsoft are failures compared to Nintendo.

nothere4133556d ago

Just because Nintendo appeals to 6 year olds doesn't mean we have to pay attention to them.

II-Reaper-II3556d ago

Actually Zeus,Sony and Microsoft are not failures compared to Nintendo because if they were u would be playing Wii Fit with your 70 year old grandma.And wait every 2 years for a decent game to come out.80 percent or more of Wii owners r not real gamers.

Zeus Lee3556d ago

Obviously,you're going to disagree with the above comment seeing as how you're an ignorant gamer that can't comprehend any whatsoever logic.

Zeevious3556d ago

As an ignorant gamer myself, I am obviously in complete disagreement with the obvious comments of your obviousness.

This obviously is due to my lack of comprehension of any whatsoever logic.



GWAVE3556d ago

It's true. Microsoft bragged about having the "leading" next-gen format when HD-DVD and Blu Ray were still competing. Then, once HD-DVD died, Microsoft changes its tune and starts trumpeting digital downloads. Yet, Sony is the one pushing it forward. Siren, Wipeout HD, Flower, Burnout, Socom, Warhawk, and more, whereas LIVE has nothing as far as full games go.

That's what happens when your harddrive isn't standard, and even your standard hard drive (up until recently) was tiny. Even then, the download restrictions on LIVE hurt devs who want to make bigger games to download.

PirateThom3556d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees, everything you've said was spot on.

Microsoft actually had no intention of supporting HD DVD, it was actually already dead before Microsoft's cash injection, Microsoft only backed it with the sole intention of slowing down Blu-ray while they got their digital distribution platform up and running.

Which Sony then upstaged anyway by allowing you to buy video content.

GWAVE3556d ago

@ PirateThom

I get disagrees because some fanboys on this site don't want to face facts. LOL.

La Chance3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I didnt disagree with you

But youre one of those fanboys who dont want to face facts.

To the point where often you make up your own facts...I'm not going into details , you know what Im talking about.

nix3556d ago

the biggest irony is that Sony is actually showing MS how a DD should be done by letting users download full games. pity MS can't afford that thanks to their own limited size restriction. MS was certainly thinking small but Sony just took it to the next level.

the worst part is - Sony has got their base covered when it comes to next-gen media storage i.e. Blu-ray. so... basically Sony is showing the way in both fronts and offers both options. this is called "giving a choice". q:

GWAVE3556d ago

@ La Chance

It's funny how you call me a fanboy yet you never want to "go into details". Sorry, but between you and me, who's the one with two bubbles?

Thanks and have a nice day.

eagle213556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

DD is a 0.4% market for home movies. MS owns zero films, music, or TV so Sony and other media makers win again from the majority of those revenues.

Until Microsoft ramps up first party titles (seems like never), Sony will shine in DD games.

La Chance3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

If I was doing only half of the work you do to defend Sony on this site I would have as many bubbles as you , and you know it.

Moreover , people seem to think having bubbles makes you "stronger" or "superiour" in some kind of way.I hope you guys realise these are virtual internet bubbles...nothing more nothing less.Some people are way too proud of their "bubbles"....

And I can create another account if I want to if i dont its simply because i dont care.I can make ten accounts and bubble myself up everyday like alot of people on this site.

@cerail killa below : Shut up dude this is between me and gwave.
Moreover if I didnt waste anytime getting into details its because I already told him in another thread and now he's acting like he doesnt know what Im talking about.He knows VERY WELL , just acting like he's got amnesia or something.

My post wasnt to convince YOU ,I mean who are YOU ? It was to tell Gwave what I had to say.

cereal_killa3556d ago

"To the point where often you make up your own facts...I'm not going into details , you know what Im talking about."

The hole point of proving some one is wrong is by providing proof that he is wrong. So if your saying he's is wrong PROVE IT or just shut up GWAVE stated an opinion in most peoples eyes are spot on all you do is "you know your wrong I'm not going into the detail because you know what it is" sounds like BS to me la chance.

+bubbles to Gwave

Blademask3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Right now, arguing this is pointless. :) Especially when you cant even defend yourself with "facts" yet you bother responding without them and figure we should all just take your word for it? LoL.

5 more days boys!

Does Sony have more DD games & movies? YES or NO.

PoSTedUP3556d ago

damn yall still care bout your bubbles?

+ bubbles ; ) (meaning, i want some in return because if i lose any more bubbles i will kill myself) XD

nah but seriously, Gwave is right for the most part and so is this article. microsoft talk all that crap about DD and they really are yet to back up their statements, i wonder what they will do with it i hope its something good casue if i can go out and buy like afro samuri right now without leaving my house, aw man it would be sick, id be that much more lazier but it would be SICK : D.

The Lazy One3556d ago

Microsoft didn't brag about it, they were actually quite pensive. Shown here before HD-DVD bit it.

Microsoft has been "trumpeting" DD since before the launch of the 360. That was one of the selling points of the 360 pre-launch. Also, the 360 has full game downloads in their xbox originals, and a 20gb HD is more than capable of fitting a full DVD (7gb) on it. It probably has more to do with microsoft not wanting to compete with themselves, don't want to deal with server issues on different game's launch days, or just don't think it will be worth the money spent.

iamtehpwn3556d ago

Do what Playstation 2 did last gen.

Microsoft's goal next gen?
Do what Wii does this gen.

Microsoft follows the trends of those who sell the most.

Bathyj3556d ago

La Chance you've still said NOTHING that backs up your arguement if you can even call it that. You're talking just to hear your own voice and thats just stupid on the internet.
Thankfully your bubbles are gone, so you have to be quiet now while us grown ups can talk now.

Huh, I guess we are superior, and I only needed one account to do it.

king dong3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

you know and everyone knows that the bubble system on here only reflect your level of sony loving/microsoft bashing. you in particular should know this. the bubble system is flawed beyond repair, and should be scrapped along with the open zone!

nick212004: i'm getting sick of your flame war extending, hit generating blogs! your stuff should fail approval everytime! it's your rubbish and other blog sites like yours that continue this madness. and do some research, toshiba made the hd-dvd add-on. in your quest for a few hits, and a good ol sony love fest, you didn't even manage to get the facts correct..

edit danja: then just start i.p banning the idiots. somethings got to give. plus a new set of mods would help. the current ones are useless.

Danja3556d ago

while I will agree that the bubble system is flawed ....

getting rid of the Open Zone...would just be taking a major step how N4G was back in 2007 ... not a good idea

on topic , I agree Sony is actually the one who are steeping up to the plate when it comes to just pushing new ideas this gen , M$ was the one touting DD but has not been doing ne thing to at all..

while Sony has turned the PS3 into the ultimate do it system...

maybe M$ will get it right next gen

mint royale3556d ago

games such as flower remind me why I am a gamer.

Looking at most of the fanboy bickering makes me despair as a gamer. I'll let the games do the talking and leave the non-sensical fighting to the people that seem to care way too much about nothing.

kwyjibo3556d ago

The bubble commentary system here is a complete farce. Because they're awarded not for clarity of thought, but for idiotic partisan attitudes - if there is any imbalance in the audience's affiliations, no matter how small - the bubble system just acts as a feedback loop.

This in turns silences the minority, increasing the distance between groups. I can not think of a more flawed system, hell, a lottery would work better.


And digital distribution is the future. Nowhere is this more glaringly obvious than in the PC market.

dantesparda3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Im here to say "hi" to ya. I could be seen as a Sony fanboy (but im not) cuz im always arguing against the 360 fanboys. And yet i have only one bubble. So there goes your theory. Im the living proof that you're wrong

lowcarb3556d ago

MS has netflix, full game downloads, live arcade( more games than ps3), movies, in game xmb,DLC unlike anything ever seen on PS3, and community gaming which will probably never be matched. You people have all your facts wrong and just because Sony has a few big titles out there does not mean there more focused than MS. Sony themselves are the ones actually following the trend of MS by trying to mimic and put out patch work to look like serious players. MS is leading the way in DD and anyone saying different can't even be taken seriously. Heck they just released Fable 2, Gta, Fallout content and about 100 community games for crying out loud. The only fact is that you guys are on a constant hate mission for MS and anything 360.

DJ3556d ago

Download size restriction while Sony doesn't. Microsoft has spent the last six years building Xbox Live's infrastructure and made over a billion dollars from XBL subscriptions. Where did all that money go?

PirateThom3556d ago

Into their old employees severence pay. :P

jaysquared3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Yeah what are PS3 fans talking about? So you guys can download Socom, Warhawk, Wipeout etc these are games that are incomplete.. Doesn't have single player on warhawk or socom.. Those games don't come with a story and is just online MP.. We all know that cut scenes take up a lot of space that's why MGS4 was 30+gb game.. Can you imagine having to download that game?

You guys do know that you can download Xbox 1 games from xbl right? Probably the reason no 360 games are downloadable is because they are more than 5gb files and are complete games unlike warhawk or socom which didn't come with SP campaign!. Name one Xbox 360 game that is online MP only and didn't contain a single player campaign. Off the top of my head there isn't one!

Funny how sony fans are now praising sony for their digital download service for video games when Sony was saying how Blu Ray was going to revolutionize video games! LOL! How all the space in Blu Ray is going allow longer games and more content! Then they turn around release short ass games like Heavenly Sword, Lair, MS1 & 2, Socom, Warhawk, Uncharted, MGS IV with its 5 hours of gameplay! etc etc Yeah blu ray was needed alright!


Sevir043556d ago

there are several people who have over 6 bubbles on this site that brings well thought provoking facts to a discussion and are not biased, Death and Meus R are perfect examples, The others that have plenty of bubbles also stick to the threads and only there thread. I myself dont bash the 360, i bash the fanboys, and i give props to the 360 when it's due. personally i stay on topic and i dont engage in anything. and thats the rule of thumb. people will reward you for simply following guidelines. in 2007 this was a heaven for xbox 360 fanboys and the slightest take of you like sony was what took you down to 3 bubbles.

The system isn't flawed, but the fanboys. when you have people like Nasim, POG PP, AIZEN SOZUKE, Tarsque, foxgod, why dis, bumboclautgamer and pimp spamming and downplaying everything that opposing console and you have stealth troll fanboys that disagree with your veiws this is what you get.

The system is perfect. just the imperfect creatures known as fanboy that make this flame an undying thing.

Mukiwa3556d ago


Good heavens this is the most sensible and succint response I have seen in ages... Ha not quite.
In response to your idiotic sentiment (purely my opinion, does not make it correct) I refer you to Flower. Absolutely sublime, short lived and obviously lacking in multiplayer but doubtless one of the best games I have ever had the good fortune to play. Since when should a game have to be qualified purely by the criteria you mention above. Makes me despair in humanity...

kwyjibo3556d ago

"in 2007 this was a heaven for xbox 360 fanboys and the slightest take of you like sony was what took you down to 3 bubbles."

Which is exactly why the commentary system is a fail.

N4360G3556d ago

LOL Microsoft always make bad decisions,SONY will show them who's king again this gen.

jaysquared3556d ago

I guess you haven't read how Nintendo has pretty much won this gen huh?

rgun3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


Burnout Paradise is a fully downloadable game with single player AND multiplayer.

Oh, and Shadowrun which was published by Microsoft Game Studios was MULTIPLAYER only.

insomnium3556d ago

rgun just proved you wrong there. Isn't Tom Clancy's Endwar also a downloadable game on psn? Costs $49.95 or something. Please remember Siren Blood Curse too. That game is singleplayer only and it's 9GB in size.

You xboxfans are just pathetic.

What? The xbox 360 has original xbox games for download? well great. Psn has original ps1-games, psp-games and ps3-games too. I'm not sure I would even want to dl ps2-games cause I bought the REAL ps3 back in the day when it cost 699€ and has backwards compatibility with ps2-games. It would take too much space/time too to dl ps2 games even if I had the original 60GB HD (I don't. I have a 160GB one). It's just not worth it.

You guys have the dlc for GTA4 which is 1.7GB in size so I've heard. You have xbox-games which are about 3-6GB in sizes. I ask you where are you going to fit all these? The normal premium hd has about 13GB storage. Oh you have the "choise" to buy a 120GB hd? Up here in Finland it costs (from the cheapest of onlineshops) over a 110€.

travelguy2k3555d ago

As long as you count pirated software.../sarcasm

Alex_Mexico3555d ago

"We all know that cut scenes take up a lot of space that's why MGS4 was 30+gb game.. Can you imagine having to download that game?"

Um, "we all know"? You don't know squat! The only time cutscenes take up lots of space is when they're pre rendered/CG a-la Final Fantasy. 99% of MGS4's cutscenes use the game's own engine to produce real time cutscenes. The only real thing taking up space is the music and voices of the people talking. MGS4 was over 40GBs, not 30. And that's huge and not because of the cutscenes.

Did you know the Xbox 360 is actually using DVDs thata re inferior in size to the PS2's from 9 years ago? PS2 dvds hold up to 8.5GBs and Xbox 360's (with everything and HD graphics) hold only 7.5GBs. Lame-tastic if you ask me. Blu Ray's are a welcomed addition, .... 'cause "we all know" y'know?

Alex_Mexico3555d ago

MGS4 took me 20 hours in ym first playthrough where only 8 hrs of that were non interactive cutscenes. And you forgot to mention that MGS4 came with a very complete and enjoyable multiplayer experience as well.

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