Hellbored : GTAIV:The Lost and The Damned Review

Keith B writes "Liberty City, the sandbox that played out all our fun in GTA IV has opened its highways and byways once again, this time to allow gamers see the city and its inhabitants from a different perspective, and without all the friend-making the original included. For 1600MS points you get a new campaign, featuring new characters and a whole range of smaller tweaks to the content that it really does surprise you again and again on a playthrough.

In fact, you really have to consider The Lost and Damned as a full-on expansion rather than your typical DLC, which is normally bolted-on content. With over 20 missions, a whole range of side quests that are both new and a return of old favourites, boosted with new radio shows and music along with websites to visit, side games to play and new weapons to unleash, there's a whole lot of, well, new stuff here."

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