TVGB: Noby Noby Boy Review

TVGB writes: "It's very difficult to put into words what Noby Noby Boy is about but I'll try my best to make it clear. First of all the title is a play on a Japanese term that means to stretch or relax. The basis of the game is exactly that. Noby Noby Boy joins a growing list of games (the likes of which includes Flower) on the PlayStation Network that try to show players that you don't need to have a singular, ultimate goal or end point in order to enjoy a game (rather that they can just enjoy the experience in all its timeless beauty). While Flower ultimately came to an end, Noby Noby Boy is seemingly endless. It all really depends on how much the PSN community plays the game and stretches Boy. In case I've lost you already, I'll break it down even more".

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