New ATI Catalyst 9.2 goes live

Fudzilla: "ATI, now commonly known as AMD, has released its newest version of Catalyst drivers, Catalyst 9.2. The new version of Catalyst brings some performance improvements for DirectX 10 games, bunch of resolved issues as well as the new multi-GPU support for [email protected]"

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ThanatosDMC3581d ago

I still dont know how to upgrade my drivers. I have HD3200 for my tx2500z HP tablet.

solsub3581d ago

It can be tricky if you're new to it. I always found this link to be of great help:


I hope it helps you as well.

craig30003581d ago

if you dont know how to install drivers i wouldnt bother just incase you have problems and need to go back

Vip3r3581d ago

I'm getting a new laptop in a week and I was wondering if they (ATI 3470) will use this firmware or another one?