AATG: Building A Game In XNA Part 4

AATG writes:

"At the start of week four I decided it might be an idea to have a look at the peer review process to see what was in store for me once my game was complete. So I headed for the XNA site and had a look through the games in review to see which ones took my fancy. I found one that had appealing screen shots and downloaded the game file to my PC. Double clicking the file unpacked it onto my 360 and I could then begin to play the game.

After some playtime I went through the questionnaire containing all the questions regarding its suitability for release. I wasn't wildly keen on this particular game, but as the questions revolved around technical stability and the inclusion of restricted content, all my answers resulted in a pass. After a set number of users have passed a game, it can be put onto the Community Games store."

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