Mass Effect - The First Hour

Christmas came early this year as BioWare showed off the first hour of Mass Effect at GDC today. Though a few portions were skipped due to time constraints, IGN witnessed the first mission as Commander Shepard and the betrayal that propels the story into a wide-open galactic hunt.

Described as a "next-gen BioWare game on steroids" by BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka, Mass Effect is all but finished save some polishing and optimization. Though Microsoft remains mum on an official ship date, it seems likely that Mass Effect will arrive before Blue Dragon's August release. The build shown off was not a demo, but the full game in its current progress. And it looks like it's not far from final code.

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Covenant4304d ago

It can't get here fast enough. I think this game will qualify as virtual crack.

Zinswin4304d ago

Agreed to the power of 1,587,857,846,874,255,596

Silver3604304d ago


Funky Town_TX4304d ago

someone please let me know.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4304d ago

for starters: the photorealistic graphics. DUH.
second: its being made by Bioware, who are RPG gods.
now, quality gameplay with amazing graphics is what next gen is about.

BIadestarX4304d ago

This is one boob(game) Sony fanboys wish they would suck on.
Big deal? Original brand new IP exclusive to xbox 360. That's what.

ASSASSYN 36o4304d ago

yes............I SAID YEESSSS

ben hates you4304d ago

what this game looks so great download a couple of the trialers and walk throughs on live its gonna be so great its a rpg that incorperates real time fights 3rd person views i think this will change the way we play rpgs

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