Blast Mag: Killzone 2 Hands-on

BM: "Why a hands on, given some outlets have already published their reviews of the game? Despite having a copy for review, we would prefer to test the game in its actual form after release when the multiplayer servers are full to the brim with brand new Killzone 2 owners. This will give us a better indication of what the retail version is like upon its release. But no worries, this hands-on will go into detail about some of the important points that stuck out to me as I played the game, and if you take a look at the gallery, you'll get a look at a pair of Blast exclusive screenshots, the first from multiplayer and the second from the campaign."

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buddyro3558d ago

are getting this game Press AGREE

cryymoar3558d ago

one reason why the disagreers aren't getting Killzone 2..
bahahahaha, losers. get a job, save your money, and buy a damn PS3.
"b b bu sales.."

belal3558d ago

and lucky me the game is in my hands in 3 days !!!!!!! wednesday cant come sooner!!!!!!!

prod europeaen =)

rob60213558d ago

Well, they want to test the servers; well odds are the servers will be slammed like no tomorrow when this game comes out. It sounds to me like they're hoping to find an excuse to give it a bad score.