Killzone 2 Earns GameTrailers Diamond Award for hitting 10 Million video viewings

"Killzone 2's sophisticated technology and graphics have attracted fans of the genre regardless of hardware platform, and has enabled us to deliver the best quality game play videos possible," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America. "We're flattered the GT community has honored SCEA a second time with this esteemed award as we head towards our exclusive launch on PlayStation 3 on February 27, 2009."

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Nelson M3556d ago

Thats a lot of jealous BoTs
Checking out our AAA Exclusive GOTY 2009 Killzone 2

lociefer3556d ago

LOLOLOLOL xBOTS came to envy, well , envy more and thanks for the award

Shadow Man3556d ago

Viewing the video multiple times while he was masturbating.

Le Idiotce3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Killzone 2 is only possible and only for the PS3.

You bots are green with envy and full of hate because Killzone 2 is not possible on the 360. The technology that went into that game is far beyond of what the 360 can push hardware wise.

Its just the truth.

And we all know every bot is green with envy. Even those who deny that KZ2 is the most sophisticated game out there right now and always uses the same lame "[insert ultra lame game] looks tons better" arguments. Because we all know those people are in denial and deluding themselves. Why? Because they are stinkin bots, thats why. Do they really need a reason to delude themselves? Theyve been doing it for two years now trying to claim how the 360 is more powerful etc etc. Even though they are the only ones to claim such BS.

They do not need a reason. They are stinkin bots. They are green with envy and crying every night.

The solution is so simple. So simple, it boggles the mind why them stupid people havent thought about it yet. The solution is so simple. Go out and buy a PS3. Thats it. Dont you want to stop crying at night, shadowman? Dont you want the pain to end?

PS3 at 399. Here is one ingenious way to get that money.

1 xbox = 170
5 games = 150
2 controllers = 60
1 worthless HD DVD player = 15
Total money gained = 395

SAiOSiN3556d ago

half of the people are probably 360 fanboys trolling the game. jealous much?

Leio3556d ago

Hahaha sad but true xD Just scroll down a bit most of the comments are from jealous fanbois lol

lociefer3556d ago

im predicting an open zone war xD

Cwalat3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Saiosin -

...or People are really interested in this game :)
10 million hits :P

Wonder how many God of War 3 will earn in total, just take a look at the latest trailer.

Btw, so far GOW3 has 4,042,620 hits in total. Probably a year from release, and it's already got nearly 50% of KZ2 media hits.

nix3556d ago

we all know how biased GT is. so most of them are 360 fanboys. and those of you who want to join the Dark side... don't worry.. we'll welcome you all with open arms, but with a gun in one hand and a grenade in other! q:

MasFlowKiller3556d ago (GT), the premier provider of video for gamers???


Le Idiotce3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

its only possible and only for the PS3.

Now how does that make you feel to know that you cant play the game Im getting the following week?

Dont kid yourself. Nothing comes close to Killzone 2s level of sophistication. From the sharp detailed graphics, to the lighting, the animation, the blood, the sound, the bullets, nothing comes close.

And if you watch KZ2 and say [insert lame ass game] looks tons better, you are nothing but a delusional fanboy who is deluding yourself.

BBCnewsrocks3556d ago

actually they're right, they get lots of exclusive trailers, intervies, dev. diaries, etc... much earlier before any of the other sites. And their previews and reviews definitely know how to sell a game.

MasFlowKiller3556d ago

If only they respected every console as much as their console of choice

agentace3556d ago

maybe GT will see the importants of the PS3 now and stop faking and dumbing down anything to do with it

SupaPlaya3556d ago

I'm blinded by its awesomeness...

AlternativeChaos3556d ago

" (GT), the premier provider of video for gamers???

So true,

no real gamer can take anything they say seriously,

atleast they let us view trailers in HD for free,

they got that going for them

BiG_LU3556d ago

It doesn't surprise me I seen the video so many time and show it to all my friend and they said is the best looking game in a console so far, I can't wait to play that gorgeous graphics and enjoy the game from the beginning to the end.

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Zeus Lee3556d ago

Didn't know they gave away such awards

DavidMacDougall3556d ago

Prity sure they gave one to LBP?

byeGollum3556d ago

"3 - 10 million
Converted Xbox owners "


ryuyasho3556d ago

10 Million Xbox owners that are looking for an escape...

Free PSN almost Lag-Free anyone???

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