i Love Katamari Receives Free Lite Version

Finger Gaming writes: "I faced the same inner turmoil with i Love Katamari as I did with the iPhone version of Super Monkey Ball. I knew that it had major issues - everyone said so! - but I was so blinded by my love of the series that I was still intrigued.

If you also shied away from buying i Love Katamari due to the largely negative reception it found upon its initial release, i Love Katamari Lite gives you just enough free gameplay to let you decide whether or not the full version is worth $7.99.

After playing through the demo, I was surprised at how not terrible it was. The controls are an obvious issue - I wish I could turn the katamari more sharply - and there's some bothersome slowdown whenever you reach a new size checkpoint, but otherwise, I found myself having a good bit of fun."

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