Court denies the California gaming law appeal

Remember the California game law? You know, the one that wants to restrict the sale and rental of violent video games? Well, they went to the Court of Appeals to challenge the ruling, and guess what they got. Their appeal was denied, and the US Court of Appeals has ruled against the 2005 California gaming law.

In the case of Video Software Dealers Association versus Arnold Schwarzenegger, the court held the law as "an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech."

This law was meant to prevent the sale and rental of video games that came with content that's deemed "offensive to the community" or "especially heinous, cruel, or depraved", to consumers under the age of 18. Under this law, retailers would need to ask customers for valid ID when selling a "violent video game", yes, just like when buying beer. Failure to do so means they'll be fined US$ 1000 per infraction.

A federal district court judge said that it was "unduly restrictive" and that it "used overly broad definitions." Overall, the state simply failed to show that enacting the law would be helpful to minors. The appeal was filed late October last year, and the decision was handed out yesterday.

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GlibGamer3553d ago

What's next? Restricting sales of books with "dangerous ideas that may invoke unstable thoughts" about how poorly managed/governed California is?

Glad they denied this one. Law of probability: even being a complete screwup, they can manage to get something right once in a while.

thisguywithhair3553d ago

Restricting sales of books with "dangerous ideas that may invoke unstable thoughts"

They already do this. Just as an example, CATCHER IN THE RYE is banned in most schools. Read the book and try to explain how that book can be banned.

xuchu3553d ago

isn't the book quoted in the ghost in the shell:SAC, is it any good?

kickaski3552d ago

The Catcher in the Rye is a lame book that i refer to as the emo bible. read the wikipedia page about the book instead.

thisguywithhair3552d ago

"Catcher" is a book that you either like or hate. I liked it but my fiance hated it. just read the first few chapters see if you want to continue from there.

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xlx-russ_923553d ago

They r not stupid, video games make money, more money means more money for gov.

TheColbertinator3553d ago

Take that Arnold.Now GTFO my state

PooEgg3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Agreed, and he's an x-action film star... I'm sure that the movie he is doing a cameo in, 'The Expendables' which is about A team of mercenaries that head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator, won't have any violence in it at all... yeah right... we have a friggen hypocrite running California, it's sad.

Solid_Snake3553d ago

by being classified as a restriction of a fundamental right (freedom of speech), the government (california) has the burden to prove that there was no other less restrictive mean to keep the "violent" video games from minors. The store's lawyer can just dispute it with a showing of any less restrictive mean. Obviously, the age rating does that already. California had no shot :-X

Tiberium3552d ago

This is a victory for all gamers.:)