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Bringing a building to its knees with a turret; nailing a gas canister and watching it spiral out of control; pinning a Helghast to a wall with the bolt gun and watching him writhe in agony; letting rip with the superb flamethrower; watching hundreds of bullets whiz and ping, sending chunks of concrete flying off of pillars and exposing electrical cabling underneath; marvelling at the most stunning, eye-catching war torn backgrounds and skylines your gaming eyes ever did see, makes Killzone 2 the best looking game ever made - a jaw dropping graphical showcase from start to finish.

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frayer3501d ago

This review gets two thumbs up. Killzone 2 exceeds all preconceptions and expectations we had of Guerrilla. Sony believed and they delivered.

Tarasque3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I think they must have got a copy with fixed controls and stable framerates.

Lifendz3501d ago

But I think we're all in agreement that the game is going to be great. Day one for practically every PS3 owner on N4G.

bassturd3501d ago

...where's gamespots review already. Use an excuse to say they gotta play online with real people on the servers. Yet they don't do this with any other game.

Danja3501d ago

umm Sony didn't give them a review copy..they are waiting on it to hit retail too play it..XD

all jokes aside...they are probably trying to nit-pick to find a fault to deduct points...who cares ne ways...this game will be great Gamespot will give this game nuttin lower than a 9/10....

bassturd3501d ago

just wanting another review site that I actually know of instead of all these random sites and magazines that I would never care what they reviewed a game to begin with.

IGN is my number 1 review site to look at. I guess followed by Gamespot. Then I look at Gametrailers to laugh at their comments on PS3 exclusives.

TheRealSpy3501d ago

you guys act like there is some sinister reason for them to wait. they say they wanna give ppl the best review they can, and that seems to be what they are doing. they didn't get first review, so there is no more prestige in being why not be accurate?

i don't get the shifty eyes and the weird accusations. they'll review it when they review it. then you can accuse them of being bought out by MS or whatever you're implying.

seems to me kz2 has a pretty involved multiplayer system, and it takes dozens of hours to progress, so maybe they want to focus more on that aspect. seems logical to me.

shysun3501d ago

They didn't do that with any other games...EVER!! If they did it with gears2 it would have gotten an 8.5(highest) for the messed up MP!

TheRealSpy3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

i definitely agree with you about gears multiplayer. and i would give it a much lower score because if you go back and play gears's like they took a step backwards. gears 1 feels like a much more polished game when compared to gears 2. and i think everyone agrees gears 1 had some major flaws.

how you make a sequel and still have all the original flaws plus tons more is beyond me.

but to be fair, when they reviewed gears, they didn't do it on live where there were hosts. they did it on closed networks where everyone has the same effectiveness. i bet in hindsight a lot of those reviews would be reduced. i still love gears 1 though.

but if we're going to call out gears 2 to be penalized for having a buggy as hell multiplayer (which i agree with), don't you think we should also be seeing more penalties against kz2 for lack of a co-op. i am buying killzone, but i have my doubts about the purchase. if there was a co-op mode, it would be a no-brainer. THEY BETTER PATCH IT SOON (if they do at all *crosses fingers*)!!

spectyre3501d ago

"but if we're going to call out gears 2 to be penalized for having a buggy as hell multiplayer (which i agree with), don't you think we should also be seeing more penalties against kz2 for lack of a co-op."

I can't really see penalizing a game for some thing that isn't included. If they included co-op, and it was broken, then yes. Guerilla has been up front about not having co-op so you know you are not getting it in the box. Reviewers should score the game for what it is, not what they think it should be.

I'm sure we will get a bunch of whiners complaining about no co-op DLC starting around the middle of March. If it does come and we are charged for it, they will whine about it not being free and it should have been included with the original release. Some gamers seem to have an hyperactive sense of entitlement.

TheRealSpy3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

i'm not trying to take anything away from kz2. it will be a good game for what it is offering obviously. but that doesn't mean you only focus on what a game has. when we do reviews of other products, cars, appliances, anything actually, the entire review system is based on comparisons. what makes a game a 9? well it's better than games that were given an 8. or at least, in a perfect world. so you absolutely factor in things that aren't there. an FPS at this stage in the game should definitely have a co-op. and even if it's not a necessity, it adds 10x fun factor to the campaign. it gives it replay value, and experiencing the story for the first time with a friend is always more fun than alone. that's why ppl goto the movies, goto concerts, etc... people like sharing experiences.

i know you intentionally focused on one part of my entire statement because you will go out of your way to criticize anyone who might find a few tiny faults with this game. and i'm sure you probably think MS gave me a check to say those things or that i'm a 360 fanboy because i found a flaw in killzone. but i think i've pretty much given killzone a ton of praise, and simply said it should have co-op, it would make it more fun and justify it's good scores a little more.

for you to find fault with that makes you seem a little fanboyish. this isn't about entitlement, this is about standards. and with many games like halo and left 4 dead offering 4 player co op. and resistance offering an 8 player separate campaign, don't you think GG, after 4 years, could have afforded to find time to give us at least a 2 player co op? and if the answer is no, fine. it'll still be a good game. but if it was there, everyone (except you apparently) would be happier, and therefore, it would be better (better game = better review).

OH, and of course they can't charge for co-op. that'd be a good way to lose support real quick. but you're right. it's unlikely we'll ever see it anyway. was just wishful thinking.

LazyDevs3501d ago

Trying to nitpick, no reason for that when the controls and FPS are so [email protected] it isn't funny.

spectyre3501d ago

First off, I am not a butt-hurt fanboy that defends KZ2 when it is criticized. Check my rather sparse comment history. I only own a PS3 so unlike most users on N4G, I will not comment on the 360 because I have no frame of reference.

There is no co-op in Killzone 2. There is no split screen in the game either. If you have a problem with either of these facts, do not buy the game.

Left 4 Dead offered 4 player co-op? How is the single player? How are the graphics? Shouldn't the review score for L4D reflect last gen graphics and tacked on single player? No? People bought it and found it a thouroughly enjoyable experience even though it had its shortcomings. A game like SOCOM Confrontation got terrible reviews becaus the multiplayer was broken... rightly so because it is mp only.

The point I am trying to make is I know what I am getting when I plunk my $60 down for KZ2. I wouldn't order chicken w/ mashed potatoes at a restaraunt and complain because I didn't get french fries too.

bassturd3501d ago

haha day I look at this comment and I'm being attacked by 360 fanboys. Funny stuff.

Get a life you f*cking idiots. Where did I make the accusation that Gamestop was gonna give Killzone a low score. Dear god you are pathetic.

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Dark General3501d ago

Probably the best Killzone 2 review i've read out of the lot of them. Besides the spoilers that i had to carefully dodge it was pretty informative and i enjoyed reading it quite a bit. I could have cared less if it had a score attached to it or not.

Ichiryoka3501d ago

In short, they're bastards who don't pop their heads out of cover just so you can whack-a-mole them on the head. If you try run and gun in Killzone 2 you're going to get your ass handed to you. You need to think. THIS IS NOT MINDLESS VIOLENCE, JUST... WAR.

LazyDevs3501d ago

Well actually i ran threw the whole demo just knifing everyone that i could and didn't die.

Dark General3501d ago

I didn't use the knife. The demo was pretty easy for me. The Helghasts only took a couple of shots to drop. I actually wish they took my shots to kill because they were dropping like flies. Even basing my assumptions off of the short demo it pretty much met my expectations. Not a mindblowing experience and not terrible. But fun and entrenching. I'm looking forward to the multiplayer the most to be honest.

BMS843501d ago

I like this part

"The sheer OMG!-ness of the experience makes Killzone 2 worth buying a PS3 for. And, given how much they cost, that's one hell of a compliment."

Why is the score N/A?

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