The Guardian: Ken, Ryu great for SF IV beginners

For starters, beginners are advised to turn a blind eye to the bulk of the Street Fighter IV's roster of brawlers, instead sticking with the game's vanilla duo of Ken and Ryu as they "both offer a full range of moves and styles while the other fighters merely exaggerate specific elements." Anil also notes that despite their similarities, there are even some fundamental differences between the pair, explaining that "Ryu has always been better at ranged attacks while Ken is better up close."

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Marcus Leonidas3559d ago

Im a beginner, and its true that Ken and Ryu are pretty newbie-friendly. Im finding Sagat pretty easy to use aswell + hes pretty hardcore.

Im new to the fighting genre, but im loving SF IV even though im not very good at it.

George Sears3559d ago

Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Sagat and the likes are great for beginners.

rogimusprime3559d ago

if guile could whip off flash kicks and sonic booms without it being obvious before he did it, he would be a much better player. I still don't understand why they make you charge moves for certain characters and not others, yet the CPU player can whip them off without having to charge at all. I love street fighter, don't get me wrong....but its one aspect of the game I would change.

At any rate, it makes it better when you whup someone's @$$ with dhalsim while they are using Ken.