Atlantis Found on Google Earth, Official Explanation Is Dubious

The image you see above is purportedly traces of the ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis, found on Google Earth. Let's weigh the evidence for and against, and see what we can conclude.

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DreamcastFanboy3580d ago

Even though this has nothing to do with video games this is still pretty cool and worth checking out.

Elven63579d ago

Well he did list it under the tech section which can technically qualify.

kparks3579d ago

yea tech found it so who not worse crap then this gets approved and shouldent atlantis be a city of circles or am i remembering somethig else LOL HAHA


this was denied all over the newsstations tis morning.....makes you wonder though...

it could be atlantis, they just dont want anyone exploring and finding treasures. not that this will stop everyone.

Mikerra173579d ago

it only took google earth to find it :)

ThanatosDMC3578d ago

Wow and i just watched an episode of Yu-gi-oh about this... It's funny that yugioh characters threaten and bad mouth each other only to play cards. Wouldnt be easier to just pull out a gun or knife and kill the other person rather than go about the long boring way???

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LeonSKennedy4Life3579d ago

The legend of Atlantis is loosely based around a video game of the same title.

Therefore, it's a legitimate article.

Mindboggle3579d ago

More like the video game was based off the legend of the atlantis, unles video games were around 360BC lol

Pootie Tang3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I hope that comment was a joke?

christian hour3578d ago

More like some people can't get sarcasm around here and are idiots :P

I understand you leon, even if the whole world is always against you! haha.

But how was this ever approved? I had no idea we speculated in myths, legends and theories.

Tomorrow on n4g, bigfoot found on mapquest, zoom in and you'll notice HE'S found US on his ipod touch using google maps.

LeonSKennedy4Life3578d ago


I can't believe people took that seriously. Wow...and they think I'm the ignorant one. Seriously, people...Atlantis was mentioned ONCE by Plato. Odds are, he was talking about one of the various towns named Atlantis that fell to ruin because of war and pillaging.


The world is not against me. The gaming community is against me. Heaven forbid somebody treat the gaming industry with some respect.

I'm beginning to think that there aren't any real gamers left.

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Lord Xire3579d ago

Mermaid prostitutes here I come!


Freakwave0033579d ago

I guess after Kratos is done with Greece, he's got Atlantis next.

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