Pros & Cons of a One Console World

There's been a buzzing going around the net of how it would be if there was only one console in the world. Many fanboys also state that their console should be the only console to exist. Aside from the people who are and aren't fanboys, there is also some developers talking about it, such as Todd Howard; you may know him as executive producer and game director of Bethesda Softworks or better as the guy behind the brilliant GOTY 2008 Fallout 3 or GOTY 2006 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. All of these people have the same interests. For a one console world unfortunately there would be pros and cons, much like there is in everything else. Things people may think they know what they want now, but in the end, they might very well regret it. Which company would get to deliver this console? Let's recap on some of these things; they may come obvious to some.

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Genesis53580d ago

Let Sony make the hardware and MS the OS.

jkhan3579d ago

The biggest issue with One Console Era is that there will be no more competition and with no competition there won't be any innovation or strive for better hardware etc. etc.
Its the competition that makes things better. Consider the fact the way Sony entered this generation with all the arrogance they had, if it weren't for Microsoft, PS3 would have been a very different machine & look at it now 2 years down the road.
Similarly look at what happened with Vista when there wasn't a hefty competition from apple.

lord_of_balrogs3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Actually it would drive competition in software. Developers would have to one up their competitors to get their games noticed above the pack.

will113579d ago

PROS: Xbox wont exist. Press Agree and bubble up

yamamoto1143579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

The only reason why Sony embraced online gaming is because they realized, through Microsoft's success with Xbox Live, that it was a feature worth adopting. Xbox gave them a standard to improve upon. They analyzed Xbox Live and said, "What can we do to make it better?" And the result was the PlayStation Network

If Xbox didn't exist, PSN as it is today wouldn't exist either. It's all cause and effect, pure and simple, competitive psychology and industry evolution in its purest form.

It is for this very reason that having a multiple consoles is good. Competition breeds improvement. To deny this is to be ignorant of the industry's nature.

Sayai jin3579d ago

jkhan and yamamoto114 - I agree with both of you. Of course their would be pros and cons, but the cons would out way the pros by a heft margin. This generation will probably go down as one if not the best gaming generations to date. You wanna know why, theres three console makers fighting for supremacy. They are all willing to lower prices, spend unheard of amounts of money on games/online features, and the list goes on and on.

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itsalive3579d ago

Why not just make a small form factor PC (in console packaging), load it up with windows whatever and we can have not only console compatibility, but PC as well. Then we can ALL play the same games. Yipppeeee! and happiness will spread far and wide across the land(s)!

Chubear3579d ago

Why not just have all software developers all under one company and they just get delegated to certain IPs. :/ Yes, ridiculous I know *looks at one console protagonist developers with eyebrow raised*

XLiveGamer3579d ago

That sound like a (New World Order) One World Government. No sir i don't like it. From the bottom of my heart thanks Nintendo, Microsoft & Sony for your consoles.

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